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    , "A response to Wiktionary/Wikipedia per Afrimerican/Afrimericans--An informed Opinion.)

    The following is just one of many dialogs with the administrators of Wikipedia/Wiktionary in reference to the Afrimerican word and definition, and related matters as have been discussed on these pages, Wikipedia/Wiktionary are attempting to become the dominant internet reference source on all words and information, and their responses to me about the Afrimerican word and definition, as well as about Afrimerican people has been very blatant in white supremacy exclusionary racism. The following is my response to all the reasons they have given for all the deletions they have made of Afrimerican from their site.

    First, it was claimed Afrimerican was not in/on Google,(a lie), then you mentioned it was a misspelling of Aframerican, which is actually a term used by and in the Caribbean islands, not in/by/for Afrimericans/Blacks born in America, then you claimed it was a misspelling of Afroamerican, then you reversed yourself and said it is found on Google, and listed various websites that site it, then you stated I wanted you to include it to promote my website, thus, when you could not denigrate or dismiss it, you got personal, all symptomatic of the new white supremacy Nazism.

    Yes I concede it is personal, not for some pitiful self aggrandizing reason you try to project as the cause, but because I am not African-American, Afro-American, Black, Colored, or Negro, and I am personally offended with not only being given such terms to describe and define me by whites, but doubly offended with it being forced on me, and all efforts to force it on me despite my protestations; That is like the scene in "Roots" where the slave master kept telling Kunte Kinta his name was Toby, and no matter how he protested he was brutalized until he accepted it,(they started cutting off body parts): That's what you're trying to do here, in fact this whole dialog mirrors that scenario, with the exception you no longer have the legal right to whip, hang, or dismember me like back in the day when that was the norm anytime a Negroid person protested an injustice, and based on that, it is not me labeling you racist it's your own words and actions demonstrating it.

    Secondly, I did not submit it to promote my website, this word has been in existence 15 years, and it's introduction to the public through the media was first done September 15, 1990, as a front page news article in the Los Angeles Wave Newspaper which, at the time, was the number two Afrimerican newspaper, the number one Los Angeles Newspaper, The Sentinel, also wrote an article under the instruction of Mrs. Ruth Washington who was the publisher/owner of the paper but it was cancelled before publication on the advice of her legal representatives who feared reprisals from white bank managers. The website is less than a year old, in fact, I didn't get on the web with this until 2003, and the website was put up as part of a full spectrum means of enlightening people to it that includes the web, t-shirts, postcards, a book( in development), a documentary, (in development), and a host of other activities to address the real fact that the Afrimerican word and definition is the only word created by a member of the race , it's the only term Academically and legally correct in defining and describing the race, and when compared to the other terms in popular use/rotation, it's the only one not given to the race by whites and not included in restrictive laws as the others are, and based on those features, The Afrimerican word and definition stands on it's own merits.

    Additionally, what I have learned is when I type in African-American, Afro-American, Black, Colored or Negro, Wikipedia comes up first or second, and your definition/description of the term/race is given, and it could be said you are angry because you can't totally dominate and promote your ideas/ideologies about the race that are rooted in institutional racism, thus you seem to be making a concentrated purposeful attempt to be an extension of the white imposition of such terms, and of the tactic of forcing it on the race and others, and in ignoring/ostracizing Afrimerican, your objective integrity is nil. It could be reversed and said you are angry because you want to be the dominant internet word and information reference source on all topics about the race, and another source of feeding the lies and alternating views to keep the matter in perpetual pointless debate, but you can't with Afrimerican because it is wholly Afrimerican owned with copyrights, and by trademark too.(per the claim I couldn't copyright it ...duh...I can, and did, and I have the copyright certificate to prove it), and most of all, Afrimerican stands on it's own merit(s), it is what it is, and to ignore that bring the whole character of your enterprise into question.

    I could go on and on, and I've already written more than intended, because I only intended to write about how you have Afrimerican marked for deletion, and if that's your intent what are you waiting on?
    You are not the only source this info is being presented to, all the major print dictionaries, major news organizations, the entire U.S. Congress, and Senate as well as the U.S.President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and various other government heads, Teachers, unions, you name it, I type at least ten letters a day about this, and with a host of other things to do, as well as with having a life I know how to enjoy, and because I read a great many books and articles written in the 1800’s I don't overly concern myself with a misspelling here or there, but there is no misspelling about Afrimerican, and your white supremist arrogance in attempting to attack my intelligence just adds gasoline to an already blazing fire of racism all can see.

    About me being racist, to imply I admitted such is slander and defamation, but I call you and those who've responded hereto(onWiktionary/Wikipedia)
    racist, and if you like, you can sue me. Having had many experiences with racism as found here, I use to not even see it, and thought it was just a person having a bad day, but time and events made the racist institution more apparent, and I had to learn how to recognize it so as to be able to make progresses beyond the restrictive boundaries imposed by those who adhere to the institutional medium, don't be mad at me for telling you the truth.

    Keepin it real...
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