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Feb 26, 2018
I appreciate Obama's concern in regard to making Healthcare Affordable, but, "Let's be honest." There are some real flaws. For many of us, the Affordable Healthcare Act has been anything but Affordable! When it was first rolled out, our family of four signed up. With the government subsidy, we paid $800 a month, had a $6,000/person deductible and worse coverage than we had ever had. When we moved to another state, our monthly was going to jump to $1,200/month, with a $6,000/person deductible, and so many of the insurance companies were dropping out of the marketplace! We had to find another self-employment solution.

We chose to go with a "share" program, instead of insurance: The best SHARE PROGRAMS include:, and Those programs took good care of us, and they were only $300-$400 a month!

Our niece and her husband have very little income and can't afford insurance, so they went with a DIRECT CARE PHYSICIAN (Also called Direct Pay Doctor.). For $150/month, they could have unlimited doctor's visits for their family of four! With two preschoolers, and many sinus infections, this has come in very handy. They spend a lot of time at that doctor's office. A few weeks ago, their 3-year-old almost died, and ended up in a Christian-founded hospital. That hospital took care of their whole bill, and they didn't have to pay a penny! (They also use some Medicaid.)

When we lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we went a lot to a multi-location office called Care Now. They even had evening office hours and a DIRECT CARE/PAY option. We used them a lot. They were economical, would see you immediately for emergencies and we could make online same day appointments for evening visits. (I've found that sum other communities around the country have similar options. Note--These were NOT URGENT CARE facilities. URGENT/EMERGENCY care facilities are very expensive.)

I encourage you to find out, in your community, who the DIRECT CARE PHYSICIANS are. Because of the difficulty in working with insurance companies, and their desire to spend more quality time with their patients, many private practice physicians are becoming one-monthly fee DIRECT CARE PHYSICIANS.

I end of working a lot with people who have limited income. As a result, I have become aware of the wonderful COMMUNITY CARE CLINICS that are scattered around various areas! These clinics have been formed to help the poor. In fact, if your income is really limited, you can get seen for almost free! They are wonderful!

Then, there's always MEDICAID.
"Medicaid and CHIP are available for low-income children, but eligibility for adults is more limited. As of January 2017, 31 states plus DC had expanded Medicaid eligibility for adults under the ACA.11 However, in states that have not expanded Medicaid, eligibility for adults remains limited, with median eligibility level for parents at just 44% of poverty and adults without dependent children ineligible in most cases.12 Millions of poor uninsured adults fall in a “coverage gap” because they earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to qualify for Marketplace premium tax credits."13 (

The best insurance, though, is TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEALTH! My husband and I have decided that it costs way too much to get sick, so we are trying to improve our health choices. We have been losing weight, paying attention to what we put into our bodies, and exercising.

I have tried to give you some practical information. Hope it helps. Please share.
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Jan 20, 2015
Good info.

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Oct 1, 2017
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I'm enrolled with Wellcare in NY and Humana in Fl which is pretty affordable considering my PBA pension medical plan requires me to fill out a bunch of paperwork for everything medical. In America no matter how good your health insurance provider is, the dental plan is the absolute worst. This is a national disgrace.

I see a lot of people including small mom and pop enterprises just ignored ObamaCare and would just go to hospital ER's for medical workups and diagnosing usually with a prescription from the house physician and acquired expensive medication from places like this. Most PCP's will assist you in getting expensive medications fast tracked dependent on your health priority.

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