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Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by mystic1974, Feb 27, 2005.

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    Hello family! i was just watching something on abc news about foreign families that are adopting african american children. They were saying how african american children are readily available and they are cheaper to adopt. Now my question is why are they being sent to overseas countries and why are they so much cheaper to adopt? The whole thing just sent shivers up my spine. I feel in my heart that something is not right. What is everybody's thoughts on the subject.
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    For many years there have been there have been more black children in the system than white children. White children get adopted almost right away, while black children stay in the foster care system and arn't adopted since most people want infants.

    Is it that blacks arn't willing to adopt?? I don't know. The black middle class is expanding at a high rate, so it can't all be monetary. My mother was a foster parent for years, maybe this is something more people can look into doing to help out.

    I hadn't realized though that America allowed foreign adoptions. Although the news has reported for years about American couples adopting from Russia and Asia.
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    As to why black kids are cheaper to adopt: supply outweighs demand.

    Black people don't adopt with the frequency that whites do. So, as Indya mentioned, there are more black kids in the system than whites. White people are also more likely to adopt white kids than black kids. And there have been tremendous hurdles enacted for white people who want to adopt black kids.
    "Best interest of the child" is frequently interpreted as placing black kids with adoptive parents of the same race (the same isn't true for adoptees of other races, due in large part to efforts by certain people/ groups in the black community to prevent the "whitewashing" of black adoptees by their adoption into non-black familes that no nothing of black culture).
    Consequently, instead of placing needy children in loving (white) homes, they are instead forced to dwell in the foster system because of an inability to find black families to place them with. I've also seen statistics somewhere that black kids are more likely to than white kids to have siblings in the system, and the system strongly encourages keeping siblings together.
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    Well, with so many US celebrities adopting African children and bringing them to the US, it makes sense that the opposite is happening too.

    With so many Black children in the Foster Care System in the US, that makes it easy for some "adoption agencies" to provide a "home" for them with European families abroad.

    And I don't doubt that many of those children are used as domestic and/or sexual "slaves" in those European countries.