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    Let my physics blaze trails while my lyrics amaze females
    Be that as it may, see stats everyday some stuck in hay bales
    “So look dawg we got thumb up flows but on microphones come
    To blows with other rappers trying to smother our chapters dumb
    To try and compete better off to jest cry in defeat and possibly
    Dye your feet, try walk straight and talk great being gossipy
    Is a failure to your paraphernalia so dawg? “What up?” “your
    Flow is ill and knows you will rap to these cats, please with stats, soar
    With words and ignore nerds and be hardcore with verbs and restore
    Our position,” “yeah make them extreme predictions like JEAN
    DIXION cause keen friction like she use to do, we on the scene
    With rhyme and microphone to literally redesign domes pop
    The top on skull and pour in knowledge and rid them on the spot
    From hardcore garbage that be making them say the wrong stuff
    Even though our flow tall don’t want to act like a know it all enough
    Said, wanna sick romance but need a kick in the pants to up my game
    And speak corrupt flames and have tremendous luck with a dame
    Got facts and pride in the backside of my brain a headache is pain
    When the knowledge builds up, rap strongly and frequently and just
    Only recently became a Johnny-come-lately in HIPHOP and trust
    Me it wasn’t easy, known for the flow got my own show and must
    Do the right thing like SPIKE, rap to a bundle of divas and now
    Have JUNGLE FEVER so like SPIKE AND MIKE gee somehow
    My thoughts in the air experiencing some serious hang time with
    Slang designed to slam-dunk basket-balls and do lay-ups swift”
    Look I’m in a dumb rage but have to come of age this spring
    And twist things around, go balls to the wall in music and sing
    My verbs are quality and words in the form of an apology cling
    And never go amiss because my flow is brisk, crawl like snails
    Stumbling with my luck and like oncoming ducks my tail
    Is wagging and prevail lagging behind, so under stage lights
    Grab a page and write then act my part the facts spark bright
    Rehearse my verse then thirst for a coke, to rhyme it require
    Taste and words hotter than a fireplace so I may have to retire
    My pace just too fast but considered true class so rhymes for hire
    It’s a plumb fact don’t excite a hater it may well come back to bite
    You later, best to fight creators of confusion an intrusion tonight
    But my menu is ill it climbs into the hills and create a landslide
    While my plan is to ride horses and have pride and choices hide
    Behind walls and blind them all trying to play slick I stay sick
    In HIPHOP plus slip a lot while singing the blues being quick
    Flinging my tools aside like a mechanic, and panic using a Schick
    While shaving then watch flicks craving for ice cream absurd
    Eat steak then defeat fakes on the street with great words
    I go to the lab to find a vocab this stuff is not for nerds