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    FONT="Arial Black"]how can you keep that demeanor of a thug?
    and at the same time
    caress me more gently
    than any man I have ever hugged
    never scared to put me in my place
    and at the same time
    honor and respect my grace
    I love it when u take command
    rough me up a little
    all I can say is dam_
    I give props to you
    You 100 percent man
    Not talking domestic battery
    but you know how to put that _ick on me
    Put me on my knees
    Make me bow down
    making me cum around
    Got me unable to utter a word
    Making incomprehensible sounds
    You the king
    and you where your crown
    Never disrespecting when your boys around
    My girls say I'm a-dick-ed to you
    but i smile
    Keep my secret to myself
    if they knew
    all that u do
    I'd have to cut them off
    theyd be cumming at you
    You know when to be hard
    Not letting this life make your heart too scarred
    like water you a refreshing
    and nourishing
    like a gentle trickle
    but if cut off
    with persistence
    you make your way through
    that is what i admire most in you
    some throw rocks
    and hide
    try to divide
    with false pride
    like maya angelou said
    a black woman
    and man will always rise
    when you know your worth
    there is a confidence in your stride
    no wonder
    all races of women
    want to go with you
    for a ride
    they attempt to divide us
    even when when i snap my fingers,
    fuss and cuss
    you know how to make me submit
    put that dick on me so good
    your tongue
    makes my cli* peeking thru its hood
    my loyalty to you
    others never understood
    like mary j and trey said
    this love is hood
    but as long as we stay togethr
    everything will be
    all good
    to love a man of another race
    would be a compromise
    i wear my heart on my sleeve
    i have no need to disguse
    the way i adore you
    never put another
    before you
    they try to lable me as a feminist
    that divide and conquere shi_ i resist it
    and if others
    don't understand it
    my black ***
    they can kiss it
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    well pose'd and the concept was in depth as one focus
    this piece was written in facts .....I wouldn't change a thing !