Black Spirituality Religion : Adam and Eve/First Sin


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Nov 2, 2004
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We have been taught many things that are contrary to the vary nature we are created in. Was Adam and Eve the Ancestors of the so-called African? If so that must mean that We have to except the justification and reason we are Black today...and that is the story of Noah who was as well as every person on earth at that time according to the myth..."White"?!

If we except this...that Noah and all people on Earth was white until Noah decided to Curse his own son...Ham for laughing at him while he was Drunk and falling down with no cloths on. The story we are told is that Noah cursed his son Ham to be Black and also that his off-spring would have to serve the rest of the Earth's White population for eternity!

Now...going back to the Adam and Eve myth...we read in the first book of the bible that the First Woman's name was "Lileith"...who was created at the same time as Adam. But Lileith would not obey Adam because she didn't have any reason to obeay Adam...and why should she when she was just as or even more so significant as a person as her brother / husband who thought that she should bow down to his dictates.

What happen to the first woman created at the same time of Adam? As the myth goes...Adam was put into a deep sleep and a Rib was taken (cloning) from him and a woman was cloned from it and she was Eve who was supposed to bow down and obey Adam the way he wanted. But one day she brought her Father / brother / husband a Apple to taste from the one tree that was forbidden..."From the Tree of Knowledge"...a apple that Adam took for him self and ate. Then the both of them were kicked out of the Garden of Eden for ever.

As time goes on Adam and Eve produced Children...Two of their son's had a beef with each other causing Cain to kill Able! Cain was kicked out and told to go out in the world and find his self a Wife. How can Cain find a wife when the only people on Earth according to this myth is his mother Eve, father Adam and other sisters and brothers? But Cain went out into the world of that time and did find a wife from some ware?! Was she another white woman...she had to be because there was only white folks on Earth at the time of this black people any ware because we have not been made yet by the Curse of Noah!

Now today with the truth being re-introduced to the rightful owners of this gift from our Creator...we can now know and understand that it is absolutely and totally impossible to get a Black person's DNA from a White person's other words...the Black is dominate and the White is recessive. This means that this story that we have been told all of our life is a out right Lie and there is no truth in it what so ever.

We must be careful of what we except as being True! We must know that the First people on the planet Earth were created Black and not white and...Not...cursed to be Black! If this is not understood first...then everything else is a total waste of time and you will find yourself totally Lost in Biblical Myths that were only concocted to control your Black mind with the Lie of so-called "White Supremacy" that is every thing that is indoctrinated into your mind from your first Sunday School until your Death at the end with you still not knowing a thing as far as your Spiritual Growth or anything else that matters.

The authors of the Books we call Holy today...know that they only made up lies, myths, dogma, conjecture to Fool, Trick, Hoodwink and Control your Black mind in things that don't make any since except to one who has been made a Fool by the Fool-er. Today is the day that you are to be set Free from your mental Oppression and spiritual deah...but you have to free have to Save yourself and stop looking for a 'Spook' to do anything for you...because it will never happen and has never happen except in the imagination of those who don't think.

Adam and Eve has nothing what so ever to do with Black people! Adam and Eve are not the Ancestors of the Original Black People who were Created First and all others come much, much, much, much, much and much Later. The ancestors you have been worshiping are some one else's fake white images of divine...myths and this is the reason that you are in Grave Error...if you don't wake up!




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Feb 28, 2009
Here's something you missed, Brother Moorfius

... this particular forum ... Christian Study Group ... is for those Members who believe in Christianity, and want to discuss it with others that believe the same.

It's not for those of you that want to prove them wrong.

While none of this has been officially established yet, i'm thinking, it's going to be the only way to go ... or else ... those of you who think others are so wrong in their beliefs, will inundate them with your opposing views ... and in so doing ... deny them the opportunity to discuss in relative peace and tranquility, that which they believe.

We do have the main Spirituality Religion Forum, where everything can be challenged.

Please speak to the threads there, or even, start your own threads disproving Christianity, if you are so inclined ... but stay out of this one with the opposing views.

Thanks in advance.




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Nov 2, 2004
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According to Destee Rules*

Here's something you missed, Brother Moorfius


There are no views outside of the absolute truth that is here and is not going any ware. According to the rules set up by the creator of this site...we all can say what ever in any post as long as it is done with respect.

We are not here to be controlled and given orders by any one who's only objective is to continue the system of so-called white supremacy when it has already been well established that we have been hoodwinked for much too long by those who don't have our collective best interest at hart.

By continuing to promote the is obvious that the objective is not to promote Truth but to side-track if possible all the efforts of the Ancestors who are speaking out through those who know well that We are the only reason that they Existed.

You can not...and that includes the Pope...change the course of events that is proven and documented in your own history books if you read them...that is causing Black people to suffer in ignorance by ignoring what is right in front of our collective faces as being the device that has destroyed our Culture.

If any one does not want to read what is revealed...they don't have to...they can just take it on them self to play ignorant by ignoring the Facts. Ware are you taking us with what you are trying to protect and continue to promote?



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Feb 28, 2009
Nothing is up to me, Brother Moorfius. Any modifications to the rules are made by Destee and/or her Moderating staff.

Originally Posted by Purple Moons

The thing is, everyone is welcome to share their thoughts on any given discussion as long as it is respectful. However we have designated a space for those belonging to certain beliefs for the purpose of sharing with like minds without the interruption of negating spirits who disagree, and verbally fight to awaken/discourage them. We did this in an effort to allow all some space to practice their beliefs in a peaceful enviroment. If management finds a subject is presented soley for the purpose to degrade and/or belittle the efforts of Black people, the creator of said subject will be addressed and handled accordingly.

We have areas here where all can address ones belief, present their facts, and/or debate it. We only ask that all respect our rules. If a person not belonging to a said system wants to oppose a comment in a thread posted in the "Study of Spiritual Belief Systems" forum, create a thread in the religious forum, address your issues there. But stay out of the study area if your only intent is to discredit, insult, and/or oppose those who share an interest in said beliefs.

If they so wish to address your concerns outside of the "Black/African Study of Spiritual Belief Systems" forum, then they can do that. Everyone has a right to believe whatever they want no matter how evil, divisive, or destructive another may think it is.

If you have truth, continue to present your truth. You do not have to present it in a thread where someone elses truth/lie does not coincide with yours. Thats the divine essence of truth. It can stand alone and still ring out loud and clear! It does not need or desire to sway anyone of its diviness. It is what it is! Those who have an ear to hear will hear it.

The botton line is, you can not make someone see what you see if they care not to see it. And if our rules continue to be violated in such a way, the source behind it will be suspended or banned.


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Jan 15, 2008
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This is so Funny

From Time to time I read to my Queen what the die hard christian have 2 say and they pump this b/s in here. After reading this and some other threads especially the ones claiming Blackness to the bible. She laughed and asked me what is wrong with some of the people on Destee.
It truly amazes me as well as her when we see the dedication to this slave mentality concerning christianity. I was shocked, to say the least, when she spoke in this way.
My Queen asked me one question which I have never thought to ask a so-called christian. She asked,"Why would they claim such a thing"? This question shocked me because of her background. I must say the teachings of Tariq, Keita, Fine,River, Meta,and others have awakened her to what the game is. I dint mention me because I have learned frm these great ppl.
Anyway, she said why would somebody want to claim this so called bible.
I think it was Bro Moorifus and Bro A007 who really said summtin that clicked in her head.
To make a long story short, why in the heezy would a Black Person believe the nonsense of the the bible. Black is a curse according to the bible because of noah. Her question "Why do Black ppl believe in this nonsense when the bible tells u it was all white and male dominant"?

Those are not our stories and ppl need to wake up. The bible is not true and was set up on white male dominant structure. Claim and push all u want with this garbage, The bible aint real and was never about us or for us and its all bulls...
Before it is said why am I posting this here. I remember reading a post that said, "One person has the right to post anywhere they want to so I know the rules extend to all, no matter what I say. If need be I will post the thread where this was said. If it's good for you it's good for me.

Ma'at Hetepu

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