Black People : Activist and Actor , Danny Glover breaks down what is Really going on in Venezuela

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    Thanks for the nod bientempo,
    I do scan the Neo-liberal rag NYT every morning on my way to the crossword puzzle and vaguely remember running across that op-ed piece and thinking who gave her the title of a liberal or as a comic? After her straight lines chiding the other nattering Neo-liberals her punch line was pretty good.....Guido is a Social Democrat. hahahaha, that was a good one.
    Ya see the Neo liberals are not close to liberal except for the social policies and how the money gets divvied up here on US soil, foreign policy remains the same for the most part. All one has to do is check their voting records to verify that. They have only been branded as liberal by the reactionary right wing in this country. And so where does that leave Venezuela?
    Besides when was that last time you heard that the American government under any Potus supported an actual elected president of a S. American country that didn't resemble the likes of a Pinochet or Papa and Baby Doc or that piece of fecal matter now destroying Brazil?
    Funny how our 'humanitarian interventions' always comes at the point of a gun that over stays it's welcome.

    The social democrat Guido;

    The Making of Juan Guaido: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader

    How the United States National Endowment for Democracy crafted Juan Guaido as a tool for regime change in Venezuela.

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    My intention isn't to be argumentative nor to make any stand for or against Maduro. For all I know he may well be making a play for dictator. What I do know though is what ever he is what the USA is doing now is not helping anything but making matters far worse on the ground for the people of Venezuela because of our blockade of goods and services.
    If in the end Maduro does in fact co-opt that fledging democratic government and the people suffer for the worse and demand their government back I'll be one of the first to stand for sending in the Marine 7th Division to remove him from office so the people can reclaim their democracy as however they see it then bring the troops home.......not as how the suits in DC or the oligarchs on Wall Street want it to be which would just happen to be a vassal state as is what is happening now and the people on the ground are paying that price.
    As seemingly most times in the world, and particularly in S. America, the US is hardly the benevolent actor in the unhappiness business for the common people on the ground.
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