Chief Elder Osiris : Acknowledging Our Reality

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    Acknowledging Our Reality

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Hoteph Beloved:

    In this finite world we live in, we are obligated to create our own reality for our Body Life and the way we live our life is entirely up to us, so there is no magic guide to use and / or to depend upon to direct and guide us in life and if you have allowed your self to be set upon an ignorant intelligent course to make decisions for your life, then what you have done would be to have set your self up to be the biggest fool in the world, you who now depend upon a world that is controlled by forces of the world that have set themselves up to be the God and Lord of the world you now live in and has been made to be a part of.

    When there is Evil that guide the world, even though you are in that evil world, it does not mean that you must become of that evil world, you have the obligation to your self to create your own world that will take care of your needs in according to what is beneficial to you being able to live your life in peace and with full Joy.

    Such a setting for the life of the Black Afrikan does not now apply to the life of the Black Afrikan, we who are in an Evil treating World against Black People and Black people have allowed ourselves to become a part of such a World.

    When you allow your self to become of an Evil world, it prevent you from seeing what you need to do to save your life, because now you are to busy looking for the way you want your life to be, a life that is now totally influenced by the world you have become a part of and in that world, Lucifer reign supreme over the lives of the evil world and in the eyes of Lucifer, the Black Afrikan Nation is not worthy to be Free to Think using the Mind of their Ancient First Way Ancestors.

    So the Mind of the Black Afrikan, now in and of Lucifer World, is influenced to believe that the Black Life must follow the Lord ( Law) of this evil World of Lucifer.

    So today you have so call Black Afrikans who oppose the call for Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors, you have so call Black Afrikans who praise and worship Obama without a cause been given for honoring Obama, other than White Folks have allowed Obama to be in a position to be president of America and only if you are an Afrikan American, will you be satisfied with what Obama is not doing for Afrika and the Black Afrikan in America and in Afrika.

    Obama was not sent to be president of Black People, he was sent to be president of America and it is America that has a history of lying, deceiving, and abusing Black people in America and confusing the Afrikan American.

    So be not surprise when you see Afrikan American show boating their ignorant intelligence by defending Obama action in being president of America, which serve automatically as an enemy to the Liberating efforts of the Black Nationalist in America and the Afrikan Black Nationalist in Afrika.

    Now allow me to say this very slowly with a desire that Black Folks who are proud of their Blackness and know what we Black Folks must do to save our Black selves and to reclaim Afrika, Here Goes, President Obama is not the Black Afrikan Savior, do I need to say it again, President Obama is not the Black Afrikan Savior.

    So stop showing disappointment because Obama is doing the job of being president of America which mean that he has only America interest in Mind, that is the way he has been programmed to govern, if not, he would not be America President.

    So no, Black People do not have a president in America, but if you consider yourself to be of America, then you will express an ignorance of intelligence when attempting to defend the action of president Obama.

    Obama does not give one **** about you Black People in and of Afrika becoming a United Black Afrikan Nation, he does not give one **** about how Black People came to America through the Middle Passage, making him not giving one **** about our Enslaved Ancestors having a Right to be paid their Reparation and you their children having a Right to Repatriate Back To Afrika as the next established State in Afrika, to Fight to make it become a reality of there being a United States Of Afrika.

    Listen beloved, any time you see and hear of the Afrikan American making claim that it is not our obligation to fight to get the hell out of America and is attempting to lead you to believe that our obligation is to become Americans, then know that you have come face to face with the enemy, Afrikan ignorance intelligence, telling you that we have an obligation to change America, when in fact we can not even change our communities in America, all because America does not belong to the Black Afrikan and it is America that keep your Black behind so preoccupied with the injustice it extend against your Black behind.

    Yet here you Afrikan Americans are, lying and deceiving Black people into believing that America is our Home and that we Black People have just as much Right to this America stolen Land as the thief does.

    How Sad and foolish we Black People have become in America, never having a desire to face up to what is really our obligation as Black Afrikans in America, which is to do what is necessary to survive in America while we fight for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, so that we may get in a position to Liberate our black Behind away from America.

    Beloved, the Black Nationalist Garveyites must come to know we must learn to do more than one thing at a time when pursuing our Liberation away from America, it is the Afrikan American with a unicameral Mind belief, believing one way at a time using the oppressors mind, and when you are operating as an Afrikan American Human Being, that mean that you have put on the entire Mental garment of your oppressors.

    So there is no wonder that you see and hear the Afrikan American speaking as foolish Afrikans, when it come to acknowledging the obligation the Black Nationalist Garveyites have, to Liberating our Black selves and to recreate the Black World we once was a part of, which we did live in, displaying and expressing our Divine Spirituality, which was a sign of us operating in our Divine Mind, which made us to not be Human Beings but Divine Black Beings, living in Afrika, at the Time when our Civilization was of Divine meaning and Purpose, which was to live and let live Divinely.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]