Black Poetry : Accustomed to Bravery

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    Accustomed to Bravery

    In a lyrical population I perform physical operations with
    A book of rhymes and shook minds like earthquakes the gift
    Of rap is in full effect may have to pull my tech nine just
    To survive I must strive to get through this mess and all the fuss
    No doubt write clout so I’m out and about like loose chickens
    Trying to peck and make stuff correct rhymes never plain ticking
    Like a bomb bind chains around clowns Christmas Charles dicken
    Reply as a thug to the sky above talk to angels to get power take
    Wet showers with Zest soap and become the best in quotes no fake
    Notes in my tablet of habits even silly wabbits don’t come with Trixs
    Nowadays drink less wine but stay abreast of the times and battle quick
    Like LIL KIM AND NICKI MANAJ, thrill them with a quickly large
    Crowd listening to my rhymes and I’m twisting minds just to dodge
    The critics, my head fraud as rumors spread abroad rather NICKI miss
    A comeback matter of fact society pissed about the black Friday diss
    By LIL KIM, look I’l slap a **** clown and make him gulp down pot
    Liquor my plot thicker than molasses on bread but in the abstract plot
    My vocab is fact a lot of the time can’t stop the rhyme love me or not
    A winner with fame entertain and amuse the majority never abuse my
    Authority, elusive when I teach but had to give an abusive speech try
    To chill but a guy got killed roling in the slums holding a gun they die
    Young and mother cry among the public, look on dates dominate romances
    And the kissing accommodate circumstances her and I do slow dances
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