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    “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” (Nigeria - Igbo and Yoruba Proverb). How does one come to understand why an innocent child is abused or raped or murdered, etc? How does one comprehend why so many injustices are happening in our beautiful world? It is when we can see the whole picture that there is NO separation between me, you, a community, a country, a tree, the sun, the universe, etc etc. We are each responsible for what happens to us and we each get what we deserve. Granted then that an innocent child does not deserve to be abused per se, however, if a community does nothing to change the way of life and does not eradicate such diseases as sexual promiscuity that breeds pedophiles, prostitutes, rapists, etc within its community and/or its society, then that community/society is fundamentally responsible for what happens to others who are impacted by such vices. A community/society must protect its citizens not only from enemy attacks but also from immorality and vices. So in this sense, we each get what we deserve, but oftentimes, it is the innocent who suffer the consequences of our inactions.

    We each affect and impact each other, the planet and the universe just as it impacts us. Everything in creation is fundamentally energy and is kenetic. Therefore, our thoughts and intentions are also energy, and we each create and manifest our material world through our thoughts, intentions and of course actions.

    We live in a sentient universe which is ever-teeming with life. Even the air we breath is alive. So what makes us think, yes you and I, that our actions, our thoughts and our intentions will not affect others or cause changes elsewhere in the World and the Universe? This is why it is vital that we comprehend the need to be in a constant state of AWARENESS/CONSCIOUSNESS, ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY.

    Many of us are caught into this illusion of “individualism”. What has happened to serving one another? We seem to have the notion that it’s about getting what we can and that someone always owes us something. What has happened to “giving”? The whole universe works beautifully in harmony with everything else, yet we try to separate ourselves and become individuals. No matter how we think we are separate from everyone or everything else, in reality we cannot separate ourselves from anything. Everything is interconnected and interrelated. The Butterfly effect for example, refers to a sensitive dependency in initial conditions, where even the flapping of a butterfly’s wing can create tiny changes in the atmosphere, which ultimately can cause a tornado to appear or even prevent one from appearing in another part of the world. If we can comprehend this then we will know that everything we think, feel and do affects someone and/or something else. Ark advocates "that everyone should act as if the fate of the universe depends on his actions even in the most trivial of situations. To do the "right" thing requires knowledge, perspicacity, and concern for all humanity. This is the principle of non-linear dynamics that is best expressed in the story of the Butterfly Effect". (Theoretical Physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk)

    Fundamentally, we are each here to serve one another. As it is said 'No man is an island'. So many passages have been written on serving one another from the Tao Te Ching to Sufi masters and the Bhagavad Gita, etc. They describe selfless service as the fundamental principle by which the Creator creates and sustains the universe. It is when we act selflessly towards each other that we are actually fulfilling our Divine duties and all will be in harmony both within and without.

    Peace, Love, Light embrace U eternal.
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    I saw a foreign movie, called Babel. Basically, it was showing how we all effect eachother. That is the key here. We effect eachother.
    It's not all about me sometimes It's all about we.

    And it does take a village to raise a child.
    Good point.

    Heart to Heart
    Desert Storm
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    'babel' was foreign? ;) I do think it is an excellent movie. - an international 'Crash' which is also pretty darn good. Yes - we are all interconnected - 6 degrees of seperation and all that included..

    Your post speaks a truth, ssalaam89.