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    Clarence Jowars Smith Teacher Of The Five Percent Nation Of God And Earth Came From Danville . Virginia . America
    Words Of Clarence Jowars Smith Also Know As Clarence 13X , Or Clarence 37X ( 1929-1969 A.D. ) < Supreme Mathematics Knowledge > Starts at birth and is the foundation of all things in existence . Knowledge is the original man who is the foundation of the earth's familt .

    Knowledge is simply to know , right knowledge is to know the right way to use use it . Wisdom come with age and is the wise words spoken by the original people of the planet Earth . Women are the moon because she receives her light from the sun which is the

    Nubian man , and reflect it on to the star which is the child . Wisdom is the manifestation of one's knowledge . UnderStandIng grows into an OverStandIng You have an UnderStandIng when you have baby knowledge , you have an inner standing when you have adolescent

    knowledge . ( And You Have An OverStandInd When You Are A Supreme Being . ) Culture is the Nubians true way of life . Thus , accept the word cult for you are cultivating your culture which is Islam , as taught by a god incarnate called Pudding ...

    I - I ... S-Self ... L - Lord ... A -And ... M -Master ... Which is I .S.L.A.M .
    Freedom is to free the dumb the deaf and the blind into a state of awareness so that they can see that the Nubian man is indeed a deity . Power or Refinement Power is the truth which is the light of intellect that brings one out of the triple stage of darkness into their true

    way of life which is Islam . Refinement is to be clean and purified mentally as well as physically . Equality is to be equal in all things in existence such as knowledge , wisdom and overstanding . When you share your knowledge through wisdom and brings forth an

    overstanding it only shows and prove equality . Knowledge 1 ) Wisdom 2 ) OverStandIng 3 )
    Is all being born to equal 6 . gods the letter G is the 7th letter of the English alphabet . God is a deity that is the original Nubians man who has power to build or destroy .

    Build is to add on or to elevate on positivity destroy is to take away negativity . Build a righteous nation and destroy the devil's civilzation is to be brought into existence physically as well as mentally . Physically through the mother's womb , and mentally through Allah's mathematics .

    O - Cipher is a 360 degree circle consisting of 120 degrees of knowledge , 120 degrees of wisdom and 120 degrees of overstanding making it complete , Peace equal P - Positive .. E - Energy ... A - Always ... C - Creates ... E - Elevation , When the number 10 is

    manifested it would be knowledge add on cipher or knowldge cipher knowledge representing the number one ( 1 ) and cipher representing the number zero ( o ) ;...

    The 12 Jewel As Taught By A God Incarnate Pudding
    Knowledge... Is the foundation of all things in existence .
    Wisdom.. Is the manifestation of the knowledge one acquires .
    OverStandIng ...Is the mental picture projected through knowledge and wisdom ...

    Freedom .. Is to free the dome so that you may express your culture ( Islam ) with no restrictions ..
    Justice .. Is the reward or penalty given to one according to their own deeds ...
    Equality .. Is to deal with one another all things . Each one teach one .

    Food ... Is the nourishment needed to sustain one physically , and mentally . Physically by nutritious elements given to the body to keep it healthy , Mentally , by Allah's mathematics ..
    Clothing ... Is the covering to protect the body to protect it physically . Mentally it is the covering of the mind to protect it from negative though or suggestions .
    Shelter .. Physically it is home , or place of residence where one finds peace and protection from negative weather . Mentally it is the mind .

    Love .. Is the highest elevation of overstanding with a force so strong that it cannot be broken ...
    Peace ... Is a universal greeting coming out of love because without love there could never be peace ..
    Happiness ... Is the state one achieves out of love and peace .

    Supreme Alphabet
    A - Allah .. Is the original Nubian man , the maker and owner of the planet Earth and the one who made the Holy Koran which he applies to every mile of land , one year to equal his home circumference , who is the All - Seeing - Eye . Allah , see all .

    B - Be or Born .. You must be born physically first , then you must be born ( twice ) mentally , And the ones who haven't been born ( twice ) mentally , are the 85%ers , the poison animal eaters , slaves of a mental death and power , people who worship a mystery God . These are the ones that have to be born again ...

    C - See To see is to overstand . At one time we couldn't truly see the trick that was planet in out path cause we had the all - eye mattress through over our eyes , but we've been born twice and know that we are Allah the supreme eye that can see all ...

    D - Divine or Destroy ... In order for you to be divine you must destroy all negative thoughts in your brain by building on positive thoughts and in this day and time the only way you can be divine is by building with - I Self Lord And Master ..

    E - Equality ... Is to be equal in every form of knowledge with your alike in order to take back the planet from the Devil , who is The Un-Alike or Disagreeable ...

    F-Father .. Is to father ( Fat - her ) the young with the knowledge of self which is righteousness and by teaching them the science of everything on life which is love , peace and happiness ...

    God ... Is the Supreme Being , the original man . the one who is a winner without an opponent in everything he deal with , Because god put all things here by wisdoming his power and knowledgeing his equality from all things he built upon ..

    H - He or Her .. Must refine her with the knowledge of he which is god , in order to build and born a strong foundation to carry out civilization through the Queen ( her ) ...

    I - I or Islam or Eye ... Is the only universal way of life for the blackman , woman and child , This is Islam and the only one that knows and understands this is god , and god must resurrect the dead with Islam . Teaching that which brings them to freedom justice and equality ...

    J-Justice ... All those who can't deal with mathematics , will be just-ice at degrees below zero because they fail to understand the wisdom of god which deals just and true with all human families on the planet Earth ...

    K - King or Kingdom ... The king is the founder of his kingdom so he must acknowledge the knowledge in his circumference so that he can enforce his laws to be recognized as being the king of his kingdom .

    L - Love , Hell or Right ... The love is the overstanding , and misunderstanding is what brought forth hell . But this is all going back to the degree of supreme understanding , because this is the only truth that is right and exact at all times .

    M- Master ... Is the one who has experienced a certain type of skill but the master of all is God Allah because he knows and understand all circumstance on Earth as well as in the universe .

    N - Now or Nation or End ... Now is the time for the black man to end all his weak ways so that the black nation on earth can uprise the knowledge of all its creation and put them all in order . once again , or surely it will be their end , now ...

    O - Cipher Is a person , place or thing , It is most commonly called Cipher because C ... I .. Power ... Her through the equality that I gave her which is the truth , and the truth is 360 degrees of purified knowledge ...

    P - Power Mental and physcial power of a devil is nothing in comparison to that of the original man ; the devil has 6 ounces of grafied brain which are weak and wicked 100% . but god's power is original meaning the first , and possesses seven and a half ounces of brain which put all things here , which is also 100% the understanding in god is what makes him Allah .

    Q - Queen The most purified particle of Allah better known as the true , rich black , soil , the mother of civilization , who has the scale of justice within her but it still blind to her power which is being queen of the universe and Earth below, but has the power to control both from the emergy that god gave her ..

    R - Rule or Ruler .. God is the only ruler there is . By asknowledging his building powers and making it born to all planets of the universe , they can go according to it and bear witness to who the true ruler is ..

    S - Self or Savior ... You must be a savior to yourself , so that in the atmosphere you're in , you can be capable of saving self for the best part because self is the nation of the 5&ers from knowledge to born self .

    T - Truth or Square ... The truth is only light that can stand by itself in the surrounding darkness and , yet be noticed shining in the square of the universe which is 360 degrees . When the wisdom adds a cipher , it shines that energy of truth breaks through darkness .

    U - You or Universe ... You are the universe because you are the producer of the sun , moon , and stars . The original people .

    V - Victory .. Wisdom bring about a bad culture when ones wisdom is destroying instead of acting according to the way of life which makes the culture I -god which is Islam , the only victory known ...

    W - Wisdom ,,, Is an expression of knowledge while the understanding bring about a clear picture of both through the eye of understanding ...

    X - Unknown ... Equality is unknown to those who don't know themselves , The 85 percenters , dumb , dead and blind so - called Negroes that need to grow from their mental death and power , because they are unknown to themselves .

    Y - Why ... Is the question most frequently asked by those who are blind , deaf and dumb because they don't know how to wisdom , their power to show and prove Y .U . god manifesting the making of God ... U . Y ..

    Z - Zig Zag Zig ... meaning , knowledge wisdom and understanding . ( Peace God )

    This Is How It Was Conveyed From Clarence Jowars Smith Known As '' Pudding '' And '' Allah '' To His Followers The 5&ers Nation Of God And Earths

    Think , and remember where you came from ! We are the original seed of what you call Gods . You were taught to call us Gods , by those malevolent disagreeable being the Luciferians , the Serpent People , the Human Beast . They have influenced the minds of our

    leaders either by appearance in physical form as in the case of a Venerian , one of Valiant Thor's own who was known to us as Master Fard Muhammad ( 1877 - 1934 A.D. ) who came as a god '' from Saudi Arabia , Middle East , to see out the Lost Tribe of Shabazz and to

    teach them knowledge , wisdom and understanding Up and above all of these great men disagreeableness crept in , in the form of misinterpretation to misguide you off the path . And we called out . '' guide us to the way of the ones who stand straight . The way of those who

    you have bestowed your grace and not those who have been cursed nor of those who have gone astray '' Remember , your olive tone parents of long ago ; The Woolly Haired Beings , Nine Ether , or 999 , Nine to the Ninth Powers of Nine our '' Kingly Crown '' visitors to

    this solar system from the planet Rizq . Remember our dark-reddish brown skin copper tone perfected in green . as the greenest of olives because of the melanin that is within our genetics which we have coated in our genes the true Nuwbuns , Nubians or New-Beings you Melanin-ites .

    TO BE CON-TIN-UE .......
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    ParTwo According To The Teaching 5 Percenter Another Form Of Christianity < CT > Pa

    Clarence Jowars Smith Teacher Of The Five Percenter Nation And Nation Of God And Earth
    Who Broke Off From The Nation Of Islam To Interpret Change , Innovate , And Fabricate , , Their Own Lessons

    According To The 5 Percenters they record that Jesus was a Muslims , And not a Christian . They say that Jesus is a sign ; His mother is a sign ; Muhammad and his birth , Ministry , Persecution and death was also a sign of another one yet to come . The birth of Musa

    ( Moses ) under the government of Pharaoh , Who along with his people were enemies of Musa ( Moses ) and his his people and who enslaves and killed Musa's people without justice , And the hidings and fleeings of Musa ( Moses ) from Pharaoh , Are all a sign of The

    Last Messenger . Jesus ' brith ministry and persecution , Hatred by Herod and the spiritual teacher of the Jews , As Pharaoh and his magicians hated Musa ( Moses ) and his followers . These two prophets histories show that they has no peace among the rulers and

    people to whom they were sent to guide and warn . The birth of Musa ( Moses ) meant the end of the rule and independence of the Jews , Who rejected him as being a prophet of Allah ( God ) , Which serves as a sign of what we may expect in the days of the last one whom

    these two prophets , Musa and Isa ( Moses and Jesus ) prophesied would come in these last days or would be present with Allah ( God ) in person . The Jews were expecting A prophet to be born in their midst 2,000 years after the death of Musa ( Moses ) an know that one is to

    be raised up from the midst of their race just prior to The End ( The Judgement ) of their time . The Last Messenger is the one chosen by The Madi , Allah ( God ) In The Person , In the last days whom The Madhi find lost and Enslaved by the infidels in The West , of whom

    Abraham made a sign with A Small Black Stone and set it in The Holy City Mecca and veiled it over with a black veil which will not be unveiled and destroyed or discarded until he whom The Sign Represents Is Returned ( The Last Messenger And His Followers ) . Jesus spoke of

    the future of that stone in these words , '' The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner Mark 12 ; 10 . Muhammad found the sone out of place and shows that he was not the fulfiller of the sign which the stone represents , . But rather a photoype of that

    which the stone represent , Morover , Muhammad Replaceing and repairing the sign . ( The Stone ) was a sign of he work of The Mahdi , Who would . In his day , raise and put into proper place that which The Stone now serves as a sign of . Oh , That you would only

    understand The Scriptures . The Christians think The Stone was Jesus . The Muslims think it represent Muhammad 1,370 Years Ago . The Prophets . For He saved people in the hereafter , Will Love And Praise Allah For Him As This Is The Meaning Of Muhammad Today

    There certainly is A surprise in store for bother worlds ( Islam and Christianity ) In the revealing of this last one . Some of the Religious Scientists are already wise to it . So , He told his daughter ( Mary ) when she went out to care for The Stock , To wear his clothes ,

    And he made he a beard out of A Goat's beard to wear his clothes , and he made her A beard out of A goat's Beard to wear so that The Filithy - Thinking Devils would not think that it was he ( The Father Of Mary ) . After giving his daughter his instructions on how to protect

    herself against the insults of The Devil . While he was visiting The New Construction Of A Mosque . He took leave of the home for three days . After the father's departure . Just at the time to feed the stock there was A great Dust Storm ( Dust Cloud ) Which Blotted out

    Visibility . Under this Darkness she became afraid to venture out . So while thinking of how the stock would be fed , She thought of Yusuf ( Joseph ) . The Only Man She Could Trust And The Only One That She Ever Loved . She Called Him To Come And God With Her To

    Feed Her Father's Stock . Joseph Came In Answer To Her Call . On his arrival at the home of Mary She showed him the old man's clothing and the goat's beard that she was to wear in her father's Absence ' But Joseph suggested to Mary to allow him to wear her Father's

    Clothes And The Goat Beard . and that she her own cloth as usual so that The Infidels would think that he ( Joseph was Old Man ( Mary Father's ) ..So Joseph and Mary went together from that day on until the return of The Old Man Three Days Later . Mary asked Joseph , ''

    What About Your Wife , And What Will She Think Of You Coming Here ? '' Joseph Said , '' I Will Tell Her That I Am Working , Building An Infidel House , '' As he ? ( Joseph ) was a carpenter . Mary said , '' What if your wife says to you , Where is the money ? This question

    Joseph Had No Answer For , So Mary Gave Joseph Some Money To Carry Home With ( Just In Case ) . On The Tird Day The Old Man Returned . About three months later there had been many changes in her eating . The Old Man , Her Father , went on for while and became very

    suspicious as he kept noticing Mary's continued increase in Weight . Again he said to Mary '' What Has Happened ? Mary Denied Not And Said ; Father . Do you reme,ber when you left home to go to the building of Mosque ? The Father Said '' Yes '' She Said ; Well On That Day

    When You Left A Dust Cloud Arose And There Was Darkness ; I Call Joseph To Go With Me . So He Came And He Did Go With Me That Day And Help Feed The Stock ; And I Also The Next , Until You Came Home . Her Father Said ; Yes , It Look Like He Fed Them

    Plenty , '' And She Said '' And This Is Why I Am Like This '' I Told You That I Loved Joseph And While Alone , This Happen . Now I Have Told You The Truth . ( You May Kill Me Or Do As You Please ) . . The Father , Listened To Such Confession From His Daughter Felt Real

    Bad , For The Law Was The Same Then As It Was In The Time Of Moses And The Jews And As It Is Today In The Dominant Muslims World . If An Unmarried Girl Is Found To Be Pregnant Out Of Wedlock . She , Must Be Killed And The Killing Falls To The Lot Of The

    Parents . As Time Passed He Began To Hate To LQQk At Mary's Pregnacy . He Became Sick Over It And Went To Bed . He Neary Pulled Out All Of His Beard Looking And Worrying Over What To Do About His Daughter . So , At This Time An Old Prophetess ( Spiritual

    Woman ) Met Joseph . When This Old Spiritual Woman Met Joseph , She Said To Him . '' Oh , Yusuf ( Joseph ) , You Are The Father Of Maryam's ( Mary's ) Baby . '' This Was A Surprise To Joesph . , To Learn That This Old Woman Knew Of His Secret Visit To Mary .

    His Boyhood And Manhood Sweetheart , And He Began To Deny His Guilt By Saying ; '' No ! No ! I Am Not The Father Of Mary's Child ! The Old Prophetess Woman Reaffirmed Her Charge And Said ; '' Oh Yes , You Are The Father . I Have Only Come To Help You . Don't

    Deny The Child . He Is One Prophesied In The Holy Qur-An As Being The Last Prophet To The Jews . He Is Going To Be A Great Man . And As Long As His Name Lives , Yours , As Being His Father Will Live . '' I Have Come To Teach You How To Save And Protect Him

    From Jews Planning ; For The Jews Will Kill The Child . They Are Expecting A Prophet From Allah ( God ) To Be Born At This Time , And If The Child Is Not Carefully Protected . They Will Kill Him . ''' Remember The Bible's Saying ; '' Then Joseph , Her Husband Under The

    Jew's Martial Law '' Being A Just Man And Not Willing To Make Her A Public Example , Was Minded To Put Her Away In Privily . While He Thought On These Things , Behold , The Angel Of The Lord Appeared Unto Him In A Dream , Saying ; Joseph , Thou Son Of David . Fear

    Not To Take Unto Thee Mary , Thy Wife , For That Which Is Conceived In Her Is Of The Holy Ghost '' ( Matt 1 ; 12 , 20 . ) The 18th Verse Of The Above Chapter Of Matthew Says , That Mary Was Espoused To Joesph Before They Came Together . This Word '' Espouse '' ,

    According To The English Language When Referred To Man And Woman -- Means '' Engaged To Be Married , Or To Give In Marriage ; Or To Take Up Support '' In The Case Of Joseph And Mary . This Seems To Fit Very Well ; For They Were Engaged To Marry From

    Childhood . But Were Never Married . The Child Was Conceived Out Of Wedlock , For Joseph Was Already , Married To Another Woman And Had Six Children By Her , And These Children By His Wife , Are Mentioned In ( Mark 3;31,32 ) . Of Course , You Will Have To Be

    Careful About The Readings , Of What The Bible Calls The Gospel Of Jesus , Because Much Of It Is Not Authentic Truth , And All Bible Scholars Will Agree With Me . Much Of It Is Lost As That Of The Torah ( Which They Called Old Testament ) Or The Books Of Moses . Of Course , We Know That The Original Torah Was One Book And The Injiyl ( Gospel )
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