Black Poetry : Accepting Your Fate A Message Delivered

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    Accepting Your Fate

    Man the ebony king, the source of life, there is no silence, the script was written which he many refuse to obey, wisdom of his individual consciousness; the summaries of life that was given within the tomb of life, wisdom that breeds within his genes, which some follows behind the darkness a easy way out, forgetting the pain of yesterday, nevertheless he holds the key to the future. God that walks within the light, awaiting your fate,
    there shall be the strength of the prophets; who refuse to walk through
    the back door, transformation has now taken place, stand up, walk,
    reclaim your rightful place, fear not the screams of the darkness,
    fear not the chains of satins, fear not the dark holes, where the devil
    shall try to still your morality. I thy father God shall take each step
    until you my son find your way home. I have never left you, I shall
    always be there, remeber the words I whisphered in your ears.
    I shall give you the same strengths as Moses, Solomon, Jesus, the
    ancestors blood that flows through your vein, faith shall bring
    you closer to home.

    Ancestral blood that flows within his sources of legacies; neglecting which he knows the world only through his outward mind, closing out truth, and senses and by interpreting, the forces of forbidden knowledge, the ordination which comes through the spirit of God, the culture that is blocked out, under the hypnotic state of mind, self to destruction, consciousness which becomes one, recantation of self, and the abomination of destruction of the world; cloaked through the womb, cosmic consciousness, rebirth divine detention of a king, the sources of resurrection the analogy of a black man; the child in the womb of his mother looks from one end of the world to the other, God whispered in man’s ear, and knows all the teachings, the smell of death, that hides behind the roots of the devil, the mind that looses the inheritance , forgetting the words which was given by God.
    Through the ultimate achievements of man,
    the diversity of human associations,
    has been limited to self.
    The knowledge to know,
    but never the wisdom to apply.
    Blood dripping, from the mouths,
    of my brother, who that lead in captivity,

    shall die in captivity.
    The tears of wisdom,
    knowledge enters as a beaming light,
    the milk of thy fathers garden.
    Mighty fountains,
    combustion grains beneath the broken wings.
    Thy lye upon the cross.
    Let my ancestors define my cause.
    The law of miss knowing a close mind
    will only confuse you.

    If thy hold thy peace to darkness of the heart.
    The harden of the rock of thy foundation shall surely die.
    Servants that sings its own rules shall mold away and die.
    Thy shall not hold thy peace of righteousness,
    thy darkness shall no longer sanctions thy truth.
    Decaying of a world order which refuse to confess.
    Wombs of earth validated by the scorns of revenges,
    Hostage to the devils revenge.
    The Abomination of earth bows to a different high.
    Immersions in a transformations of corrupt values
    of individuality weeping that the soul has no strength of its own.

    Oh thou face is covered with sand,
    as I shield from the breeze
    that drifts across my plantations of history
    documented the curse of the soul man.
    Atonement of spirituality growth,
    internal and external, circle of life has stopped,
    360 degrees of equations that has rusted within the circles of life.
    Shrines and temples, bestowed upon fruitful worlds
    the devil has convicted my father's house
    upon the universe of salvation there is no sanctuary that I may pray.
    I stand before God in the ancient memories of a better day.
    Psychological lynching, activist, only expressions for self,
    I revolutionist, singing oh Mary don’t you weep,
    Pimping ministers, thank you Jesus devils,
    prostituting my Heavenly Fathers name.
    Oh Yea, Oh Yea, come from beneath the cloth of my sanctuary,
    leading my people to hell.

    The eyes that are blinded,
    the love that has no rising,
    the mighty and the power shall be no more,
    the light dose not shine upon his head.
    Deterring the responsibility of man,
    the leader, the nurturers of the land,
    the mouth peace of the almighty spoken words.
    The prophets shall not live beneath
    the belly of the beast, accept your fate
    You shall reclaim your rightful place.
    Thy God command you to rise
    Follow the transcripts that was
    Written in blood.

    It’s the power of a man who walks as a man,
    Speak as a man, lead as a warrior,
    In Gods love, sing not the song of victory,
    Sing not the songs honor of honor,
    if thy slate is not clean.

    Keep your eyes on the sparrow
    The beginning of the end has come
    And the sparrow has flapped his wings to the sun
    Don’t look back if you do you will be lost in the wind.

    Keep your eyes on the sparrow and the wind shall follow
    Don’t look back you will loose your tomorrow
    The sounds of the eagle and the roaring of the wind
    Grasped to your future, The sun will follow
    Hold on there is no light in the dark
    What you see before you will be your start
    One God, One man , One Son

    Wisdom the king to Gods house, represents the spirit; the seminary of awareness, Wisdom to acknowledge the greater spirits within, when the soul becomes greater, and passes through the sources of light, the spirits of life, will out balance all things.

    Oh the light that shines among the diamonds and pearls,
    sacred places, visualizations, emotional, revolutions, meditations.
    A people cannot manifest a hero until he merits his status
    whether by mask are soul.

    Be confessions of the heavens,
    for thin will be the kingdom,
    Give me the serenity to embrace the spirits,
    and the wisdom to know his teachings.

    Beyond the clouds, heavens awaits,
    Beyond the clouds of pain,
    Joy embrace, beyond the cloud the dark,
    Shall turn to light.
    Beyond the clouds, humble and peace will be stealing.
    Dark corners we shall over come,
    Bleeding hearts, cries of love.
    The conformity of a slave, freedom rings.

    The world of illusions, greater than the mind.
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    he is the untouch master of all , da mind over illusion
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    very powerful flow...speak on!!!!

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    Remeber my brother you and God are one.
    Blessings my sister angel.
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    Accepting fate while at the same time, often having to fight to be considered a man, because of the color of one's skin. Has to be difficult.... You give us much to think about Ashanta.

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    Yes my sister sometimes we have to step out of space, and examine what is happening around us. Sometimes we can only see our own error, but when we step back things become clare how this globe really turns. When we live in darkness we cannot really see the light.