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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Ty and I'm the founder of the as well as the editor. I just finished editing my articles guidelines and I'm posting it here for interested writers. Although our audience is mainly female, articles from males are accepted as well. :)

    We also accept articles for DOEnetwork's sister site! This website is more urban centered and focuses on people of color.

    God's Blessings to you,

    Ty of the
    An online publication for women of color!


    Featured Columnist: Featured Columnists regulary send ongoing articles/material related to a certain topic. Columnists are asked to send articles to the webmistress by the 28th of each month for publication. The DOE newsletter is distributed on the 1st of each month. Featured Columnists are highlighted on the main page of the DOE Network and the newsletter every month.

    Contributing Writer: Contributing writers can email articles or poetry at anytime. New material received by 28th of the month will be featured in the DOE newsletter distributed on the 1st.

    Review Writer: If your passion is books, music, movies or television, we would love for you to share you reviews.

    Requested Information: All writers are asked to submit a brief bio, copyright information (date, year, etc), email address and website (if applicable). A picture is optional. Pictures add a little warmth to the page for the visitors.

    Word Limit: DOE does not currently limit the word length of articles. If you submit an article that is lengthy (above 1000 words), we suggest that you provide an outline for the article. We will present your article as a series or parts in our publication (mini-course. An outline will help us with the layout and/or presentation.

    Topics We Are Looking For:

    Bridal/Baby Shower Ideas
    Caring for a Parent
    Crafting Ideas
    Computer Literacy
    Cooking Tips & Recipes
    Dealing with Grief
    Handling Terminal Illness
    Holiday Ideas
    How to Choose Daycare
    How to Invest Money
    Nutrition Tips
    Planning a Wedding
    Resume Makeovers
    Public School System

    Terms of Usage
    Please read below.

    By submitting my work, I understand that I retain copyright to my works, but agree to grant to
    Creations the non-exclusive right to reproduce my submitted material in printed form on this Web site or on any Tywebbin Creations owned/operated Web sites. I also certify that material I post is my own original material and does not violate any copyrights. I also acknowledge that the DOE Network reserves the right to proof and edit articles where necessary, but that my contact information will always be used in conjunction with the use of my articles. I understand that the DOE Network reserves the right to remove any article that is found objectionable: i.e. bad language, in poor taste, or is prejudicial of any religious denomination. I forego any payment or compensation for the submitted material.


    If you send in your submission, we will assume you agree
    with the terms listed above.

    Send Your Submissions
    Submissions can be emailed (text or Word attachments) to
    [email protected]

    If you prefer to send your submissions by postal mail, send
    them to The DOE Network, PO Box 8732, Columbia, SC 29202.

    Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with the
    proper postage amount if you want your material returned.

    Feel free to send a photo, logo or cover art!
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    hungry writer

    tywebbin, are you able to pay writers for their contribution?