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    Academic Discussion

    Loyal with strategy like a Royal Academy fill with knowledge
    And never spill garbage on microphones, because of my college
    Reputation, stay with flow like Plato in the gardens of Athens
    My speech and quotes teach folks like instructors with fat blends
    Guess I’m fool with wisdom in a school system with stats and friends
    It’s a **** shame that I have to campaign for rap president wanna win
    The election so I can make corrections lot of cats criticize with misfit
    Lies and never write some **** clever termites running around as nitwits
    My flames are thrown at these lame unknown you like grain grown for
    cattle feed and my battle creed is to destroy you, little boy blue blows a bazaar
    Horn, this mess tames it’ll leave you with chest pains and yes your dame
    Is in my bed, wise and smart specialize in art why cats lies, fart in the game?
    Old dome misled and so home and to bed get some rest tomorrow try get fame
    I store flow while yall like a floor show belong in a night club you write scrub
    Couldn’t ignite a rug with a box of matches just some wrong type jitterbugs
    Got damp insights and my lamp produces light that flow across gaps
    Like boss rap I’ve haven’t lost crap in this rap game the best perhaps
    Have a mean dome and I’m in between microphones like electrical cords
    I come tight like a bomb site ready to explode sweaty with load of awards
    My facts right and like a black kite they flies in skies like good year blimps
    I’m from the hood here with wimps eating shrimps even dealing with pimps
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    sho ya right !