Black Poetry : Abyss of Depression...

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    An angular distance below the horizon of life lie pained emotions and inner being. Concavity is taking place within me because of the burdens pressing against my soul. My heart is slowly sinking into the quicksand of low self esteem and inadequacy... Where is the light for me in this dark closet of pessimism? I can only look to hide the pain inside by the smile that I put on that is only a lie... Insanity has become a comfort zone, continuing take the same offenses everyday and hold them in...

    Now my mind is marked with extreme anger from holding these phenomenons of criticism in my thought process... Hope is a stranger to my mode of living, because I'm not fond of it anymore. The sun no longer smiles on this decaying and diminishing scoundrel such as me. A bottomless pit of pain am I, falling forever into new dimensions of ferociousness and gloom. Rebellion is my best friend, as I am set in my ways to give up at every cause, and sink deeper into this gaping hole of anguish and confusion.

    Someone please... Reach out and grab my hand, to pull me from this mud of discomfort. Shine a light on me to guide me in the most precise and efficient direction to be placed on "straight street". Give me evidence i am beautiful and elevate me in my rightful place in the Lord's hands.
    No longer do I wish to continue to fall forever, never hitting a bottom, but only going deeper into this state, spreading it's territory to every aspect of my life. Set me free from this chain of burdens, wrapped around my body to the point where it suffocates my joy.

    Give me my astounding purpose of this state of being I possess... Give me encouragement to climb out of this hellhole of demonic depression... Throw the rope of hope to me and let me receive refuge to a higher place, above my situations, problems,stresses, and bothers...
    I stretch my hand to thee.. there is no other help I know
    I stretch my hand to thee. No one else can reach this low... Pluck me from this hand of depression. So I can continue to be blessed and send a powerful message... No more stress... As far as pain goes this is the end of it.
    I learned my lesson from my abyss of depression...