Black Spirituality Religion : Absence of spiritualism is the reason for terrorism

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    Absence of spiritualism is the reason for terrorism

    Today socialism is dead really in India, – only false socialism exists.
    Due to this, terrorism shot up, – the peace of society vanished away.
    The basic reason for all this is – due to absence of spiritualism.
    In ancient India, spiritualism – is a compulsory part of education.
    But today education is only - confined to the entire materialism.
    It is the responsibility of the – Government to compel spiritualism
    In the course of education, - otherwise, individuals are not changed.
    Without the basic transformation – of all the individuals, the total
    Society cannot be transformed, - transformation by mere materialism
    In education is impossible – without the basic spiritual knowledge.
    Unless this fundamental is rectified – Governments will fail here.