Black Spirituality Religion : Abraham defeats nimrod in torah

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    upon review of the story of abraham in the torah i notice some eye opening things .In the story abraham is born in the city of chaldea or ur which means fire. He grew into a young man quite rapidly. Upon becoming a young man he began to challange the establish ways of worship developed by nimrod. Nimrod had statues or idols formed in the fashion of his ancestors. Abraham stated that he was sent by the father or god and there is to be no graven images of any one to be worshiped and the idols were labled un holy. Abraham then snuck into the temple and destroyed the idols with his sword. Is it not the custom of our ancestors to erect statues of our prominent elders as a sign of repect Osiris, isis ,hours neteru etc, and several pharohs who wanted to be rememberd had monuments of themselves created. Does nimrods practice not mirror or own. This story is the foundation of religion today abraham going into one of our temples and destroying our relects of our ancestors. Just another example of the caucasian creating a story to make himself look good and discredit our way of life!