Black Poetry : Above the rim with pride but can’t swim against the tide can // Drown as a clown and be founded fact

my imagination, you wanna be a winner of pies with agility an enterprise //
came to march for wisdom but got harsh criticism, surprised my pies so good //
to boys a whole crew enjoys them so I walk on pens and needles and should //
begin with feeble rejections people perfection moves on here at ALDI hood //
in VIRGINIA BEACH, my EBONICS swell like an embryonic cell it grows like //
a baby, boys goes crazy have to duck my head or get stuck in bed this type //
of stuff happens everyday when rapping on display I'm mapping a way to escape //
I say it with wisdom and like an algebraic system it take number and my cake //
under scrutiny I wonder about the duty of a boy, I'm stuck and shut up in a car //
you on a path and mission and like a mathematician juggle number and be bizarre //
and befuddle over hummers have clusters of words and busters be absurd I think //
showers and want pink flowers, kiss shook you have a fishhook on the brink //
with bait to catch my cake, you want it to swim around in your arms don't wink //
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with bait to catch my cake, while it to swim around in your arms don't wink //
your eyes at my pink pies, boys wanna a wet chance in my sweatpants I link //
with others got the gift of butters this is BLACK HIPHOP really on the brink //
caught in a romance brought by chance not my own action shown a attraction //
I write in pairs and like a short flight of stairs they step up to satisfaction //
some boys drink spirits I think my lyrics curved on me a little see I fiddle //
wordplay and make verbs say stuff when I play ruff a boy be stuck in the middle //
my strategy unique but my battery overheat when contact terminal are touched we //
end up in car much of the time here in ALDI'S parking lot the AUTO ZONE be //
to the left of GREASE MONKEY this piece is funky from the love standpoint //
BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH flaws in the past cause me to dash and anoint //
myself and try for deft improvement, oh he jest kissed my lips and reminisce //
in his whip grab my waist to have at my lace, these EBONIC SCRIPTS brisk //
in his whip grab my waist to have at my lace, these EBONIC SCRIPTS brisk //
words you speak is like a bird's beak they peck their way into a list //
of wants here at ALDI'S kiss in a drop top on a list of hot things to do //
wet some as he get tongue and now sprung somehow thumbs up Whoopi doo //
like a large rock I dodge the block in the garage a lot eating chicken //
noodle soup going kits caboodle in a coupe, my HIP-HOP clock is ticking //
got cake and be brave but like a great sea wave it's wet from the ocean //
in VIRGINIA BEACH,a pack of love and facts from the club in slow motion //
so my pie arriving ill like it's got skydiving skills a parachute for //
an arrogant cute no hot salute because he wanna knock the boots in the car //
hair grease refuel my dew rag like dual airbags jump out at you, before I //
close my shutters need at least a rose for my butters you want galore pie //
extreme rappers are like green apples this is not ripe I'm the hot type //
extreme rappers are like green apples this is not ripe I'm the hot type //
I ain't a jerk and like paintwork this show snapshots like KODAK be hyped //
show facts, no cracks of flaws experience attack by claws some chick have //
long fingernails, fight with stamina, duck the sights of a camera get stabbed //
in the back, I dress sharp and my breasts apart now you address remarks to //
my eardrum that's fearsome I hear scum and your love words jest start to do //
a number on brain ride the hummer and maintain your distance only a smart few //
can come close to my toast online and most of the time I host rhyme, so here //
at ALDI your scripts are phat like an accomplish diplomat so stuff appear //
in the form of mud and filth but you have a love gift so I'm stuck up in //
this drop top, that say a lot as to why I stay hot wanna play but stop wind //
blow under my skirt and there's a thunder alert oh gosh he started to feel //
the phat lips on my thing looked down my skirt was up the juice drip for real //
the phat lips on my thing looked down my skirt was up the juice drip for real //
I'm great beauty you want cake from this cutie may require naked duty you feel //
me? it's clear cut ambition having sincere butt is tradition us girls deal //
with boys on this level, some rap rude with aptitude got map to elude that doe //
He want some so sprung in here, oh my perfume call he will soon fall in love so //
quick, oh hot men are like the top of my pen they wanna ink it up and think about //
my pink donut, a clown fake don't get my pound cake you can ask Betty Crocker out //
of recipes that's wild and can become a DESTINEE child, slices hotter no doubt //
some boys failing in this jive and like an alien in a tribe they lost for words //
this could cost nerds some sex its been shown that love begin at home no curves //
around that absurd that my thing is so brown and phat, boys be down with that //
as a girl hear lies for days, tries behave like I don't hear them right there at //
ALDI'S cart grocery and start with poetry right now ALD'S is a packed house, these //
love facts arouse me I'm exposed with class you gonna need a rose fast, your knees //


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