Black Poetry : Above the rim and fly and love simplify his reason for true wings this season gonna do bling after all it's not a new thing see a girl body swell and


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May 11, 2006
Above the rim and fly
and love simplify
his reason for true wings
this season gonna do bling
after all it's not a new thing
see a girl body swell and hot
and well stocked
with love and it's Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH got flip flop
on my feet, it's apart of love
that start at the club
he has the heart of a thug
with an accumulation of hugs
and kisses girls reminisces in worlds
that misses affection so like squirrels
they climb trees in search of nuts
he see a hater
that's like a theater
tendency to attract folks
with whack quotes
like the fruits of the earth
girl all your cute is worth
eating, like cars this stuff
clash together
pay cash for leathers
like bikers on Harley Davidson's
its a proposal making Little sense
and left me in the middle of suspense
Stay in my Corner sang no doubt
like the DELLS and rang out
like bells, now you're a Puerto rician
chick from Spain
with a quick aim
for boys this is fame
I'm here with a sincere code
and it fear by the load
so we stay near the road
in case we have to run home
don't tote gun I'm alone
so boo legit men
have to hit the skins
if I'm a winner of cake
gonna need a dinner plate
“NAW PLAYER my thing pink today
but I can't think that way
I chill with pride
on the hillside
and I will ride
in a drop top
while listening to Hip Hop
and kissing a lot
wow Peeking Reeking Girls
alert in VIRGINIA BEACH worlds
of love goes out to them for real
have nice aim
and like a dice game
I'm played tomorrow
and stayed in sorrow
until a girl kissed my lips
NAW PLAYER good guess
my hood breasts
are wet, like a square knot
in an affair that's hot
my panties come a loose
leave candies and juice
everywhere even Mother Goose
think it's a fairy tale, girl a chance
this is a romance kiss can enhance
an affair, I'm just a stone throw away
from going home today so hey
proceed needing the force
took a speed reading course
STARWARS was involved
this boy is a absolute high talker
this affair plenty in it
in jest twenty minutes”
OK his plan is to chill
but man will kill
for food and spill
blood for a coke
every now and then
to somehow win a chick
it'll begin quick
with sex and flow
and the next thing you know
they're in bed breaking headboards
she's here and nice
with clear and precise
directions with twice
the knowledge with price
that's free but her skirt
is down even though she flirt
around, one time she became rude
with a lame attitude
but she eat plain food
“hey boo you want a plate of steak?”
naw I'm good” “well we should date
then, naw you wanna get between
my thighs and smash the cream
pies and splash the green
dash in your ride thats too extreme
for me”


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May 11, 2006
dash in your ride that's too extreme
for me” oh PUERTO RICIAN girls
go through a lot in this boy world
here in VIRGINIA BEACH they hurl
Spanish and vanish “well I had
a friend went to a bar and mad
boys was there she was not aware
of their hot stare she couldn't care
less but couldn't trust that breed
just too much lust and greed
HE SAID: boo have to lend a hand
to win a man in VIRGINIA BEACH
Puerto-rician girls in demand teach
the world Spanish, lets go talk in
the car boo, this junk is hot and legit
like a pilot slumped in his cockpit
I'm ready to take off
girl you sweaty cake and soft
heard mix beats
and within six weeks
start to play
the part of a DJ
so I scratched music
and dispatched it for others to use it
match songs never abuse it
oh gosh he wanted some real bad
a broken heart is crushing no doubt
should start over love come rushing out
down syndrome nothing to be blushing about
so Puerto rician boo what you wanna do?
Naw what you gonna do?
Buy you a drink
and try think
I know your pie is pink
aw girl you should give me some”
“nope not yet
panties dope hot and wet
my lips are red today
and you try make headway
to the bed and lay
down then get some
ONE BOY had me numb
and almost knock my boots
through the mattress oh shoots!
He was ready to go crazy and cahoots
on my coochee and it was juicy
for him sitting in his lap
he was gitting to rap
a lot of love mess
plus he rubbed my breasts
I couldn't go anywhere
lot of pudding down there
and my thighs was wide open
I may have to pea
inside your thing and that's in order
inside your thing and that's in order
accept love
then step in the club
it always help to hug
a chick and ask her about
her boyfriend try take her out

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