Black Poetry : about those leaves

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    leaves don't stay green forever
    autumn's on its way
    what i mean to say:
    i once asked, "is this what love looks like?"
    his reply, "i'm not too sure
    aint never really seent it."
    so i chatted with my spiritual guides
    loaded my trusty slingshot
    with All Love while the feelings were hot
    braced myself pulled the bowl back taunt
    let it fly my love caught a ride on the moonlight
    streaking through a cloud in a dark blue sky
    true love rained and with the stars fanfare
    ignited and then surrounded My True Him
    our soul laid bare recognized itself and
    began to glow how could i know then
    his side would cause rips and tears
    my side alone could never repair
    now i sit here crying real tears as i stare
    knowing for my own survival
    and that of our eternal soul and love
    this lifetime i must say goodbye
    i will search for you in the next
    maybe then we'll get it right
    remembering love never dies
    but most times suffers in the hands of fools