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    About Angels

    The upper worlds contain fully realized souls called angels. The top most world contains liberated souls in the inner circle of God. The lower worlds contain demons, who are rigid atheists. There is no necessity to teach the realized souls and to teach the rigid ignorant souls. Liberated souls are far superior than even the realized souls called angels. Indra etc., are realized souls whereas Adishesha, Garuda, Narada etc., are liberated souls. The angels are affected by ignorance very rarely and hence preaching is almost unnecessary in the upper worlds. Therefore, there is no need of incarnation in the upper world. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the constant energetic forms of God in the upper worlds. Similarly, there is no need of any incarnation in the lower worlds because there is no use of any preaching to rigid demons. This earth contains human beings, which are neither fully realized nor fully ignorant. These human beings become realized after hearing the preaching and become human beings again, which are mild demons and mild angels integrated together in one form.

    Therefore, God comes again and again to preach and uplift them. This story of uplift and subsequent fall repeats again and again and hence earth is a constant stage of continuous engagement for entertainment of God. The liberated souls always accompany God as the constant troop of actors and receive the entertainment along with God. It is said that angels also request God to give chance for participation in this entertainment. Arjuna is called as Nara, who represents the human being (Nara). Arjuna was always having a mixed feeling towards Krishna to accept Him as God. Even Dharmaraja, a better human being failed to accept Krishna as God in crossing justice on His order. But Bhima is said to be the middle liberated soul in the chain of Madhva cult consisting Hanuman, Bhima and Madhva, the three sons of Vayu as the sincere servants of God. Bhima represents Tamas, which is famous for rigid nature.

    Tamas diverted to God brings the soul to the stage of liberated souls and the same tamas diverted to world brings the soul to the state of demons. Brahma represents Sattvam, the state of Knowledge, though stands for Rajas is involved in knowledge, which is Sattvam. The process of analysis is action and action is Rajas. The analysis of knowledge should end in the practical implementation, which is action. Vishnu who stands for Sattvam but is always dynamic indicates this second state of action of knowledge. Rajas is action. Vishnu is the administrator with action but is with knowledge of discrimination in the background. Sattvam and Rajas are integrated in both the cases. Finally the determination, which is Tamas representing Shiva, is important for constancy in the implementation. Thus, Bhima is a liberated soul, who maintained constancy in implementation.

    Arjuna and Dharmaraja slipped in the service of Krishna but Bhima never slipped and did whatever Krishna ordered. When Krishna told to kill the elephant by naming it as Asvatthama and order to Bhima to kill it to cheat Drona, Bhima implemented it at once. Madhva is the final preacher who preached the service. Vayu is said to be very strong and the best angel in Veda (Vatat Vishnoh Balam…., Vayurvai Kshepishtah….). The knowledge (Sattvam) associated with Rajas is analysis and the knowledge associated with Tamas is determination. The determination leads to constancy in practical implementation. The three qualities are always integrated and inseparable in every stage of spiritual effort and similarly you cannot separate the three divine forms of God (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) who descended as the three spiritual preachers (Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva) who are integrated in every stage of guidance.
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    Not certain if atheists are being called demons, but they aren't. Demons are definitely spirits, not flesh, much like angels are.

    And liberated souls, those freed in the faith, are definitely praised much more than those who have already been there, as the Son who came for our salvation has taught us, sacrificing His body for our sins that'd we'd be cleansed and justified. It's because those who strayed and have come back had to put in much of a effort to be freed from their wicked ways, while if you haven't strayed, though it's not played down, there was no struggle to get back to the KING, the Father.

    I don't believe that makes them superior, but there is much more rejoicing in the Heavens. And it's all because the Son has given us a Way back to our KING, where we once could not tread because of our great sin, but in great faith and belief of His teachings as well as His resurrection, and all trust in the Father who sent His Beloved, we have the victory over the adversary who'd have us fall to temptations.