Brother AACOOLDRE : Abortion: The trickle down economic slide


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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

Annually over 1 million black fetuses are aborted from their full term towards life on the planet. The overwhelming reason for the slaughter is an economic one. This has been going on since ancient times. And so it seems that trickle-down Economics equates into trickle down self- Eugenics and self-destruction.

On some rare occasions I find Humanitarian quotes from the Bible and Koran to leverage the debate against the killing. Cease fire, and ponder over these profound wisdom and advice being laid out in the Koran:

A. “In the eyes

Of most of the pagans,

Their partners made alluring

The slaughter of their children

In order to lead them

To their own destruction”. (Koran 6:137)

B. “Kill not your children

On a plea of want”. (Koran 6:151)

The ancient Egyptian weren’t included in this pagan custom related to Moloch because they had laws against abortion on their books. Similar themes are to be found in the Old and New Testament.

Those who advocate Dysgenics and Eugenics are the modern day pagans trying to make the slaughtering of their seed alluring and beneficial to black females on a grand whole scale. The Federal school system spook them into accepting that teenage pregnancy is the worst thing that could happen to them above reading, writing and calculating above an elementary level. No knowledge of self is one of the worst state of being suspended in animation for serfs.

If the Public fool system isn’t interested in educating our black youth for high paying livable wage employment why would they be so concerned about their conception and non-conception? (A light bulb blinks over my head…Bingo). Answer: Population control

Now things are falling down like dominos. Now I’m getting a picture.

Why is the media, Hollywood and government so hyped up about LBGT community that might make up 1% of the population? Because its activity promotes a higher, ulterior motive of population control. They really don’t care about gay people because they help install rogue governments that burn people like Christendom burnt people at a stake and dump them from high rise buildings head first to imitate how the devil and his disciples fate will be in hell on Judgement Day. You can’t dine with Lucifer and then wash your hands from the feast of their sins.

If we just sit back a minute and think things out we can open our eyes and pull the curtains down from Satan’s plan for self-destruction and how he wants to lure you in and get you to participate in it.

So I end with a closing remarks from the Koran:

“Verily, the promise of God

Is true: let not then

Then present life deceive you,

Nor let the Chief Deceiver

Deceive you about God

Verily the knowledge

Of the hour is

With God (alone)

It is he who sends down

Rain, and He who knows

What is in the wombs” (Koran 31:33-34)
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