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"Pro-Life" or "Pro-Choice"?

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Aug 28, 2015
Many children still develop Pathologies in so called loving marriages or families so that argument does not hold as it is not a prevention of childhood pathological development.

The point with the "jacket" is that in many of these cases the men thought they were the father and loved the children as their own.
In the cases of the women who though they were being impregnated with their husband's sperm or a prospect of their desire or liking. But instead was impregnated with the doctors sperm unbeknown to them. There was no biological or psychological negative reaction to the pregnancy or child until short they were carrying unwanted sperm...not the same but akin to rape, some may say without the violence or it is violent.

No I did not.... what Videos did you watch.
Why did you not respond to me in that thread about the videos?

How can you compare a woman who does not know who she is impregnated by to a woman or girl who knows she s impregnated by her rapist?

I am not talking about morning sickness, Frank. Your logic is way off base.

I responded on the thread. The reason I didn't respond is because you never seem to understand. You go off on tangents like these..... talking about jackets... wtf?
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Aug 9, 2003
Usually I only just comment back to those who do more than make noise and no longer to those that
continue to repost foolish nonsense on the topic threads I've started

I also do hope you accept my advice and quit letting other posters waste your time that way as well



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Jun 18, 2004
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i agree.

people are posting silly stuff that is just wasting our time.
no sense responding to nonsense unless you must have the last word.
let it drop.

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