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Aug 28, 2015
Thanks for providing the Guttmacher Institute survey.

Here is more of their findings:

From BET

According to the Guttmacher Institute, abortion rates among Black women are much higher than we thought: They are four times the rate of white women. The report found that on average, 41 in 1,000 pregnancies among Black women (ages 15-19) are terminated compared to 10 among white women and 20 among Latinas.

Other findings included:

—The highest abortion rates among Black teens occur in Texas (78 per 1,000), New York (76 per 1,000), Delaware (51 per 1,000), Michigan (45 per 1,000), Ohio (35 per 1,000) and Rhode Island (30 per 1,000).

—While Black women account for 13 percent of the female population, they accounted for 30 percent of all abortions. In 2008, 75,960 Black teens 15-19 had abortions, compared to 65,972 among white teens and 41,465 among Hispanic teens.

—Thirty-three percent of women obtaining abortions lacked health insurance, 30 percent had private health insurance, Medicaid covered 31 percent and 5 percent had some other type of health insurance.
As far as your OP goes which focuses on PP. The issue is not about outlawing abortion. It is legal by law. The issue is whether or not Tax payers should fund PP.

As far as me being confused? Far from it. I have a clear understanding of the powers that be in this country and in the West. But if it pleases you to call me confused, be my guest. I promise you I have been called worse.
Nevertheless the name calling doesn't change the facts, and adds very little to a debate.
I read the whole document. Surprise, surprise! The poorest girls are having the most abortions.


And, let's go farther, as far as the adoption option. Nobody wants to adopt our kids, except gays and lesbians.


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May 9, 2012
I read the whole document. Surprise, surprise! The poorest girls are having the most abortions.


And, let's go farther, as far as the adoption option. Nobody wants to adopt our kids, except gays and lesbians.
Of course you have a fact based source to back up that claim?


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Aug 3, 2014
K Frankster,

"Slave holders believe that
1.Africans were less than or sub human and so were chattel, as a result they were free to do anything they so desired to their African slaves....this process is called Dehumanization
2. Also African that were enslaves were dependent on their captors for food clothing and shelter hence their lives belong to the Slave holder. Which the Slave keeper believe is more reason why, they have say over the life's of the enslaved.....Dependency Clause it needs me to survive without me it would die - ipso facto.
Pro-Abortionist believe that after conception comes a zygote which is not human but a bunch a cells which you can do what you will with.....This is the Dehumanization process.
Pro-Abortionist also believe that This unborn Child/their word zygote is totally dependent so they have every right to do with it as it pleases.....Dependency Clause."

And this has nothing to do with women/babies because women who abort do not perceive their unborn as property, chattel, or slaves, and women who abort don't rely on a dependency clause or any special processes because legislation and ladies' uterus' (should) have nothing to do with each other.
Maybe so....but they reserve the right to destroy this young life because the Law see the unborn as both a dependency and a non human entity - in other words the property of the woman until about the third trimester.

"Planned Parenthood believes that Murdered unborn Children are mere biological Tissues - property..... that it has a right to do with as it pleases.....Commodification."

Planned parenthood is a medical facility and just like hospitals collect tissue samples whether they're using them to research cancer or the common cold, planned parenthood has every right to do the same.

I think it maybe illegal to do particular selling and or profiting from such sales.

Why not do research, so that women who keep their babies, aka the vast majority, have better enlightened doctors. And who is to say that if these babies weren't terminated before they're born that they won't be murdered when they're alive? How many mothers/fathers have murdered their children? Too many. And not terminating a pregnancy when the mother is on drugs is also detrimental to the baby. Have you ever worked with babies born on drugs? I do and a lot of them end up in foster care and worse, with medical problems they have to deal with their whole lives. Loss of vision, loss of hearing, learning disabled, speech disabled, physically disabled, emotionally disturbed. You ever deal with a foster kid with an under aged crack head mother and a diagnosis of autism and ED? You have NO idea. Some women have to abort because they're told the child won't live very long outside of the womb. Should they not abort. Keep it to bury it anyway? Is that really better? Keep the baby and keep doing drugs, is that better? Keep a baby you don't plan to love, that's better? Really.
Those are things that may happen to any the argument does not hold

"Yes....Slave owners would rape and force African women to bear children, as an economic decision. This was possible because Africans in general were dehumanized.
No man Today can claim ownership a woman because she has his child.....if truth be told the reverse seems to be more appropriate"

Seriously, you don't even have to have a mans baby for him to claim ownership over you. Ariana grande just went through hell with media because they kept referring to her as big Sean's ex girlfriend, like she was an attachment of him and had no name. Women are equated to property all day. And what do you know about how women feel post pregnancy, because I'm pretty sure when I had my sons I felt more like an "owned woman" than I've ever felt. You lose yourself in more ways than one, and it becomes ALL about the children the second they're born. It's a huge responsibility and if a woman's not ready to say goodbye to herself and her body and her right to do what she wants when and how she wants she shouldn't have to. ESPECIALLY if she's raped.
The arguments you used about are specious......No One seriously believed Ariana was owned by anyone.

Yes women are equated to property almost every where, but in the West they are most definitely not property. In other parts of the rest of the world they are consider property by the way the are treated and the freedoms they are given or lack thereof.

Sure you may feel that way....but are you actually owned by any one?
Feeling Owned and actually being Owned is two very different things.

Finally is it your opinion that the wear women experience as a result of pregnancy is a justification that she should have the right to murder her unborn child?

"The unborn Child is innocent in this sordid affair....why should it be punished?
Punish the rapist not the child....does that make more sense?"

The unborn child has no clue what's going on until way after he's been born, and leave it to you he'll grow up to find out his fathers a rapist, an to me, that is punishment. Children blame themselves when their parents are poor, when they fight, if they divorce, or worse when daddy rapes mommy, and being that children are great imitators is that really the best life for a child? Really? The unborn is innocent but so is his mother. Your solution to a woman dealing with a traumatic experience like rape is to continue to be reminded everyday that she was raped when she looks at her child. What if she doesn't love the child, blames the child, beats the child, because of it? How does this child feel knowing his fathers a rapist and his mothers a victim and she kept him merely because people don't believe in abortion not because she loves him and plans to give him a great life? You think that's fair to her to have to give all that she has when she's had everything taken away from her? She may be suicidal, and now she's got to deal with Post partum depression too! That poor girl. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you don't actually know any woman whose done this? Well, I know a girl who was raped by her cousin and kept the baby that came from that. She kept the baby because she wanted to use it as proof to her family that he really did rape her, since she had showered and waited a few days before getting a rape kit done, so it was basically DNA or no proof. The boy was born, and the family believes her, but what of her life, his life, the rapist cousin? Dysfunctional to say the least and no he didn't stop raping at his cousin and it's a good thing he only likes underaged girls or his son would be at risk for being molested.
What you said of the rapist child is also true of the child of love......mother or fathers can grow to hate or love their child irrespective of the circumstances/ surrounding its/ of birth.

"Today woman are given many ways to prevent a pregnancy, before conceptions their are many choices. After conception it is no longer about the man or the woman but the child and its body."

We were 16 when this happened and she wasn't a virgin but she wasn't sexually active so she wasn't on birth control. She went to a family function and was raped. She's supposed to just be on birth control, in high school, to prepare to visit family? You fa real? You're basically saying its your fault you weren't on birth control when you were raped, now get ready to be a mother 16 year old cause that baby deserves you to be the best you can be, wether you're gonna do it or not, but have him anyway cause the baby really wants to be born, really bad.
NO....I never blame the victim of I am not basically blaming anyone. I blame the rapist - punish the rapist
Why would you wish to punish the unborn? of what is it guilty? Why perpetuate the violence?

"People hating their own the point of murdering them whilst they are most vulnerable."

Believe it or not many women abort because they LOVE their babies and if the woman feels she can't provide the best life she won't make that life happen. That's not self hate or hating babies, that's doing what's right for you and yours at that time. You can't force parenthood on people who aren't ready for it, or force babies to be born into hell that they didn't deserve or ask for. Its not fair to anyone involved.
Yes.....I agree that many women believe that but they are mistaken. That's my opinion.

"When Propaganda, Associations, and Innuendos can turn you against your own like that it is a rare form of self hate that Madison Ave Public Relations firms have achieved. Instead of having to force you to kill your own offspring/future.....You are begging them to allow you to have it done."

No amount of propaganda etc could make me abort. I adore my babies. But if I'm ever in a position where I feel like I want/need an abortion, the last thing I need is a man or a government telling me I'm wrong about my life and the life I'm gonna be responsible for, not you, cause even if a woman did rape you, SHE is the one who has to have the baby and birth it etc etc. You can go. You don't become her property and if you wish to deny responsibility you can. You can deny paternity. You can not be there when the baby is born. You can keep your clothes size and you can keep your non leaking milk jugs you call breasts. It's not like that for a woman. Not at all. So please stop talking about the matter like it's actually about the law or planned parenthood cause USA can get bombed tomorrow and planned parenthood can get shut down right down, and just like two hundred and two thousand years ago, women will still abort when they feel they need to because no, not every life is wanted when it comes and not every woman can step up to that plate
Whether you want to accept it or not most people who abort are doing so because of propaganda.
I am Entitle to my are welcome to disagree


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Aug 3, 2014

After awhile you would grow to love the child????? Well ain't that about a b****? So, all this time while you're working out your resentments, how do you think the child's psychological development is doing? Because, this is how pathologies develop.

Many children still develop Pathologies in so called loving marriages or families so that argument does not hold as it is not a prevention of childhood pathological development.

Your examples, and the links you post, never prove your points! You waste my time. I researched and found out what a "jacket" is. A "jacket" is a child that a man thinks belongs to him, but really doesn't, because is wife cheated on him. And, the link you posted involves Jamaican men trying to use "jackets" to obtain green cards to come to the U.S. sometimes fraudulently, right? Now, wtf does that have to do with abortion?

The point with the "jacket" is that in many of these cases the men thought they were the father and loved the children as their own.
In the cases of the women who though they were being impregnated with their husband's sperm or a prospect of their desire or liking. But instead was impregnated with the doctors sperm unbeknown to them. There was no biological or psychological negative reaction to the pregnancy or child until short they were carrying unwanted sperm...not the same but akin to rape, some may say without the violence or it is violent.

You did the same thing on the FGM thread. I watched three YouTube videos that you posted that had nothing to do with the ideas you said they supported.

Now, how are you gonna give m back the 20 minutes I jut wasted, Frank?
No I did not.... what Videos did you watch.
Why did you not respond to me in that thread about the videos?


Aug 28, 2015
Believe whatever you want. Just know why PP was founded, what it's aim was and why it is $$$$upported by the DNC.

60% of African Americans' pregnancies end in Abortion!(a negative growth rate) The dreams of the RACIST, Margaret Sanger, are being fulfilled before our very own eyes. Margaret Sanger, by the way was the founder of Planned Parenthood!

The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a devout racist who created the Negro Project designed to sterilize unknowing black women and others she deemed as undesirables of society? The founder of Planned Parenthood said, "Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated."


In 1975, Jesse Jackson called for the ban of abortion through a Constitutional Amendment, and in an interview in Jet Magazine he referred to abortion as genocide.

Then, in 1977, Jackson made this observation, “It is strange that they chose to start talking about population control at the same time that Black people in America and people of color around the world are demanding their rightful place as human citizens and their rightful share of the material wealth in the world.”

Today Jesse Jackson is pro choice...

Like the Teachers Unions, Planned Parenthood donates heavily to the DNC and the DNC in turn rewards them with pushing favorable legislation!
Thanks for all the extra information.... But, the question being are you pro-choice or pro-life, doesn't need the History lesson to answer, IMO. Or, is your reasoning all based on Sanger's personality alone?

Could you remove her from the equation and imagine a 12 year old who was raped by an uncle?

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