Black Spirituality Religion : Abode of God or Brahma loka is the place where God lives

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    Abode of God or Brahma loka is the place where God lives
    Abode of God called, as Brahma loka or – Vaikuntha or Kailasa is not
    A particular place existing some where, - it is the place where God lives,
    God can live in any place as He likes, - He does not exist everywhere.
    His power exists everywhere, - you can say indirectly that God is
    Existing everywhere, if He is – everywhere like gold in the chain,
    Veda cannot say that God entered – the world after creating it.
    God exists in this world in human form – in every human generation
    Giving equal chance to every generation, - a human being charged by God
    Becomes God like live wire, - similarly in the second upper world, sky,
    Which is called as Bhuvarloka or Dyuloka or – Jyotirloka, abode of stars,
    God exists charging energetic body – of sun called as Surya Narayana.

    If you take isolated medium only, - the sun, he is only servant of God.
    Similarly, in human incarnation, - if you isolate the human being,
    He is just a liberated soul selected – by God to become human incarnation.
    Veda says that two birds live on tree, - one is God and other is the soul
    Selected by God, simile can be – applied even to ordinary human being.
    One is soul and other is intellect, -In both cases tree is inert gross body.
    Yoga Vasishtha explains monism, - remember, it is told to Rama, who is
    The human incarnation already, - the subject is limited to incarnation only.
    Vasishtha is also human incarnation, - He is Brahma in human form here.

    Monism applies to speaker also, - If you extend it to every body,
    Then the speaker is only a sage, - the medium or the liberated soul.
    Gita told to Arjuna refers to God – present in Krishna, a liberated soul.
    But same Krishna as medium or – the liberated soul told Gita again.
    In the first Gita, monism is limited to – Krishna only and not to everybody.
    The second chapter explains about – soul to be isolated from gross body.
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    The Father does exist somewhere; that would be in Heaven. He is called the Most High, because He is Highest overall on His throne in the Heavens above. He has a form, and though His creation is all around us, He exists in a certain place, but that doesn't lessen His Power and Authority over all things.

    His Son came to us as we are, in the flesh once, to sacrifice His body for our sins to that we'd be cleansed unto salvation. Afterward, He was resurrected the 3rd day, and ascended to the heights of the Heavens to the right hand of the Father's throne. He needed to only come but that one time to be sacrifice, because that's all it took, and now every generation forth need only have faith, belief, and Holy works which they keep to the King to be redeemed and justified before the KING.

    His coming again will mean exactly as He prophesied, and not that He come to show us over again He has already proven to be, and that is, the Son of the Father on High.