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    We have to call attention to your blatant willingness of late to violate Rule#1 of our community.

    You continue to do this despite having been recently warned and asked to adhere to the basic rule of respecting the community and refraining from personal attacks.

    While you've provided many examples recently, we'll just focus on the two latest which occurred in the thread White man is the problem, Black man is the solution

    In one post:

    you stated towards a fellow member in this community:

    "I bet I have enough energy left to take your woman because you ain't even any kind of a man as far as i can see."

    In a later post you justified your earlier statement with:

    "So, I deliberately insulted him so that we can all see how much of a paper tiger Uncle Tom he is."

    These posts are well outside of the spirit and purpose of this community.

    The moderator team has decided your membership must be suspended for a period of two weeks effective 09/25/2007.

    Should you decide to adjust your communication and adhere to the rules of our community your account will be re-instated on 10/09/2007.