Black People : A zombie described

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    When money, religion and/or the elite status, that all results in the chase in the production of mere products in material things when it comes down to it. And when these extensions simply are not one's truest motivation in life there will be more than few that cannot figure you out because they simply do not know how to enjoy life, despite the fancy in all ridiculous indoctrinations. And the eyes of... Their eyes are always life-less and blank in a lost wonder or beady; and their faces are almost always screwed face, as it begins to permeate into a mold. Especially when "their program" has been triggered in a natural contradiction... And they can always be found right here in two conflicting classes of people who are truly one in the same, which are the poor. The poor of mind into soul; and/or the (upper) middle class, who are also poor (by way of education) and no matter where anywhere is either... They are very much mind-controlled, and do live quite depressing lives when you peel "the extravagance" away and get to it. As it is often they that call spiritual walkers "off the wall" and very much insane... These insane people, their "mind" is in fact controlled, because they worship false "absolutes". Only if God does not worship but makes all work, so shall not "you" that also includes the all-inclusiveness of the ever-present one. Or you will find your-self worshipping a egotistical "devil" (that is no more than just that in mere disconnecting "thoughts"), that has your God-conscious mind blocked, locked, mazed, mapped, concealed and eventually all burnt out. And comes the further suppression in the (m) any form in drugs that are also...manufactured and marketed. Is common-sense not everything? Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.