Black Poetry : A Young Girl

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    A young girl stumbles
    as she struggles
    to love the skin
    that she is in.

    "Why I wonder did God see fit
    that for the rest of my life in this skin i would sit,
    why the am I so black?
    why don't I have hair that flows down my back?"

    She learned to deal
    but she couldn't heal
    until she realized
    that she was a prize.

    That girl knew
    what she thought to be true,
    that she possessed no beauty
    that stretched beyond her booty.

    You see society
    failed to do its duty.
    "Why couldn't i have skin
    like my lovely mother is in?
    I wonder why she loved men,
    with so much melanin?"

    Her mother loved her so
    this she did know,
    her family loved her to
    for with them she grew.

    So did her friends
    with all her time she would spend.
    All those guys
    who buzzed around like flies
    wanted the girls
    with the long pretty curls.
    Girls like her, girls on fire
    were not the object of their desire.

    Those young girls
    were in their own worlds
    loved to look at magazines,
    they became instant fiends
    to look like that
    which wasn't too black.
    And those videos,
    you know with all those hoes.

    The girl saw the picture,
    and knew it didn't quite fit her
    for deep inside
    beyond her stride
    there was a queen
    yet to be seen.

    "Im so dark
    I can't have a part
    in the beauty parade
    that marches down each decade."

    Not white people,
    but her people
    made her think
    that she was stink.
    If she only knew that their perception
    was full of deception.

    "One day I'll be wealthy
    and i hope still healthy,
    ima shrink these lips
    and these fat *** hips."

    They resembled the motherland
    and she was too afraid to take a stand.
    "Its just not fair
    that i have to bear
    the pain that's inside
    makes me want to hide.

    Lord make me lighter
    I'll be so much brighter
    for you don't hear
    the words that stab like a spear,
    'You're pretty for a dark girl'
    it makes me want to hurl."

    It was no use
    for she felt the abuse.
    But one day she wakes up
    and God gives her the hook-up.

    "My child I made you
    I thought you knew
    you are close to my heart
    so why rip it apart?

    You are gorgeous
    but your mind is sordid
    I thought you knew i was fair,
    and that i do care

    I made you this way
    so how couls you dare say
    that you have no beauty
    do you try to insult me?

    Soon they will see
    just like Me
    that you have a spirit
    and there is none other like it.

    My child do not fret
    and stop being desperate
    you keep on waiting
    and stop this debating.

    I say you are beautiful,
    from Me that is meaningful.
    I fill you with love,
    so fly like a dove.

    Go ahead, stomp your feet
    your past do not repeat.
    Tell this story
    My child don't you worry.

    You are a queen
    and you will be seen.
    Now there is a girl
    who lives in this world.

    To her you must show
    cause she needs to know
    that she is a beauty,
    this is YOUR duty.
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    The Lone-Star State
    She learned to deal
    but she couldn't heal
    until she realized
    that she was a prize.

    Welcome Felicity, what a gift you are-

    1poetsought ~
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    welcome welcome welcome !!!

    beautiful display of she
    as she learned
    moved pass the myth
    into reality welcome to destee's poetry playground
    welcome upon family & friendz u be kin
    nice to read u keep flowin':)
    :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:
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    im still new to expressin my thoughts and feelings on paper...glad to know u enjoyed the read...and thanks for the welcome...much love