Black Poetry : A Word In That Case #2

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    A Word In That Case #2

    The part that’s cool, live exemplary he wanna give temporary relief to my hot lips
    Want cake swift and wanna make this a gift wanna kiss and lift my skirt could flip
    My mind sweaty thighs reveals information this is a real demonstration how boys trip
    My dress drape and my breast great can’t estimate the outcome if he got some
    Probably want me in bed all day wouldn’t know what to say look I’m not dumb
    He came for a sex visit and its complex and explicit, the rules of a lady is to don’t
    Be fooled into having a baby start grabbing the kotex like crazy he probably won’t
    Say anything just looks wearing plenty bling but many will ring your doorbell like
    He done mine, heartbeat a mile a minute, coochee had a pile of juice up in it spiked
    Like jungle juice a bundle of loose kisses awaits somehow my mind sways now-
    A-days because boys be begging and pledging to marry me some just wanna chow
    And lick it, oh RHYME he jest kissed my red lips he got so sprung and hung he
    Then went for my tongue and got it I was so hot down there I couldn’t even see
    He was holding my waist and folding my panties lace he really wanted to cum
    His kisses seem abate my pride he wanted me to take him inside my home yum
    He got so much tongue and my breast are poking under my dress smoking
    Bless with a token of beauty then he jest got my wet tongue again so open
    My coo-chee lips and they were wet as ever and if this boy don’t love me
    By now he never will and my love will forever spill maybe I need to see
    CIARRA I also think he like the way I ride it, he may think I’m HALE BERRY
    End calling her name like HURRICANE CHRIS when he gives a dame a kiss every
    Boy wanna talk to her, because her stats cute when she in a cat suit and boys be so merry
    RHYME this boy says my body on fiyah wanna marry I felt like MARIAH CAREY he’s
    So obsess with me wow MARIAH made this boy name SLICK NICK go out buy three
    drumlines and Some wines jest to kiss her lips and stuff boys really try touch her body
    With a great smile she made another boy run eight miles he heard she was at a party