Black Poetry : A word from your scrupulous Poet

Scrupulous Poet

Nov 8, 2009
A WORD from your Scrupulous Poet-

After being an avid follower of rap (hip-hop) and its various trends he expresses the following:

I’ve listened to your (rappers) many dissertations; now I think it’s clear of a woman’s role.
She’s to shake booty in the club. She’s to work her body up that pole.
On her way down she’ll drop it like it’s hot; bend over, touch her toes, spread it and get low. Before the night is over, she will either open her legs or blow.
Let me ask you something….Is this all our sistas are good fo’?

Exploitation? Young women are falling into this trap.
Many, have become a product of these degrading raps.
B!*#hes and h^*s! Why do our young women accept this title?
In the midst of this, why do we as a people continue to idle?

May be your right,
I can’t say anything about these rappers; maybe I’m just too uptight.
(Besides, it’s just “entertainment”)
Alright, it’s just “entertainment”. But why is our “entertainment” reflecting real life?
I was listening when you said “we can’t let rap take all the blame”.
I agree. If not for us consumers, most of these artist wouldn’t have a name.
I’ve heard many positive rappers. In my opinion, most were underrated.
Under negative influences, our music industry has become inundated (flooded,

Can we find a healthy balance which speaks the truth?
Can we find one quickly before our “entertainment” destroys our youth?

I began this poem, because face to face you probably didn’t want to hear it.
This, became my only vise to penetrate your spirit.
I continued writing, to let you know you are not alone in your thoughts.
(That’s if you identify with this message)
Am I suggesting we take action?
Yes, I’m saying we ought!

*In expressing his views, the author intends to get the reader (you) to think about our music (entertainment) and its impact on our culture. The author believes that continued thinking will lead to positive action!!!*

Your poet,


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Feb 28, 2009
EXCELLENT message and poem, Brother SP! :toast:

Please come to "POETRY NIGHT" one Friday and read this piece!
('hope you gotta Mic!)

This is just MADE for SPOKEN WORD!

Scrupulous Poet

Nov 8, 2009
Thank you. I was something i was feeling for awhile. curious if anyone felt the same way i felt. Feel like it was something that needed to be said.


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Jan 24, 2004
Brick City
day care provider (own business)
This was/is in dire need to be said, if it saves just one of our youth, then you've done a swell job poet ...keep the knowledge flowing!!

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