Black Poetry : A Womans ***


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Mar 21, 2001
Los Angeles

Statement of fact that I take as a given
I love me some women, just because they are women
And because they are women, they are womanly real
With womanly virtues, and womanly sex appeal
Feminine characteristics that are of womanly norm
Womanly heat that keeps me feeling nice and warm
Womanly movements that surprises me
Swinging and switching womanly parts that hypnotizes me
A womanly body I love as a whole
Loving a womanly spirit and a womanly soul
A womanly caress relaxes me
A womanly touch laxily ...
Soothes me, and satiates my longing to be touched
Not tangibility only, but by a feminine essence as such
To be caught up in an embrace that is ours, alas
Meditating on the feel of a womans ***

Be it a country ***, or an *** from the city
Small and round, or big round and pretty
Be it a big *** that makes me spark like struck flint
Or a not as pronounced ***, (i.e. a little ***), just a hint
Be it a lightskinned *** that shines like the moon
Or dark fleshy tones that stand like dark sand dunes
Firm fleshy lobes that I can pinch in a nab
Hold in my hand, so I can grip and grab
Bringing out in me an uninhibited freak
When in my grip and squeeze are womanly *** cheeks
As they flinch and they flex in the palms of my hands
Making my nature rise, and my urges to stand
Tangible aphrodidiac that turns me on
I can rub, touch, grab and stare,... if allowed to,... all day long
Woman is sexy enough as it is, with the sex appeal she has
But there's just something about the sex appeal of a womans ***

The gluteus maximus that makes me ooh, and curl my lips
Is that sexy something that rounds out, round about a womans hips
As she switches and shakes as she walks with recourse
Her hip switchin' rump shakin' movements makes my heart beat with a little more force
Girded about with a pair of panties, a pair of pants or a nicely fitted skirt
Is veiled a treasure of booty that taunts me, as a flirt
Walking in confidence true
Grabbing my attention, for which womanly *** was designed to do
Seats everywhere are blessed when they wear the crown ...
Of womanly ***, as a woman sits down
Gets comfortable and nestles in a comfortable position
Seated snuggly, making minor sitting transitions
She posseses something in her waving like a fan
That brings out the baseness in mortal man
That keeps me looking through lifes looking glass
Umm, I love to look at a womans ***

Woman is woman, and woman is real
Blessed with an inate, God given sex appeal
Charming, and lovely, and beautiful, and quaint
With an exuding influence, be it overwhelming or faint
Battles have been fought, wars have been waged
Over the womaness of woman, and the right to engage
Engage her in being part of ones life, and to endorse
To endorse ones influence and resource
Songs have been sung, poems have been written
The exuberence of a womans *** has men everywhere smitten
As we gauk, drool, watch, and visually implore
Having, at times to pick our jaws up off of the floor
Big ones, little ones, nicely rounded ones
Light ones, dark ones,... sun kissed buns
Will make a man bite his knuckles, and cause a swelling in his mass
Yes there is power in her hips, and influence in a womans ***

Written by: K-JiO
(c) 2001


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