Black Poetry : A Woman Named Poem (repost)


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May 23, 2001

I want you to meet a woman.
Her name is Poem.
She's been broken
In many places.
She was once upheld
By the masses,
But then she felled
From their graces.

I was introduced to her
By a faithful Friend.
He desired that I would
Let her become
An intimate part of me.
At the beginning,
Her every rhyme
Had a line enclosed.
Then she matured and desired
To be free in verse.

But many said,
"Ah, she is not Poem.
She is Prose in stanzas."
Whatever she was or is,
She is still poetic in
Style and rhythm as she
Slowly unbuttons my soul.
I love her
Though she avoids me at times...
Pouting, then hiding
Behind Writer's block.

One night, she ran through my mind
Wearing a metaphor dress.
She teased me to the point where I
Had to stop what I was doing.
She was fast, but I was quick.
I caught her with my pen
And laid her down on paper.
I loved her beyond the physical
As she enthralled me
With her spiritual.

She is free verse...she is rhyme,
Evoking deep emotions each time.
She is democracy birthed from theocracy.
She must be devled into
To be understood.
Meditated upon before
She is found to be good.

She is not mine's alone.
There are others she love,
When she is gone.
Yet, I am not alone you see,
For she leaves with me,three friends...
Wisdom, Peace and Understanding.

Wisdom has been my faithful eyes,
Helping me to avoid life's pitfalls.
She lays on the pages of my bible,
Inviting me to come and absorb her.
I believe Peace and Understanding
Are more than friends,
Because I have seen them kiss.
They are beyond
My mind's explanation.

Soon, I shall see Poem again.
For now, I shall wonder where she is.
Maybe, she's with you.
If she is upon your mind as
Fluid on your brain,
Then drain her with your pen.
But I warn you,
She will laugh at every attempt
To drain her completely.
She can be loved...
But she will never be conquered.

Joyce Rogers (c) Copyright 2002


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Mar 21, 2001
ahhhh! yes mis POEM the same woman that took my soul deeply
and make me a mold of her image this was outstanding and beautiful
grade A+ AWESOMELY .........thank you for reminding me of a sweet love.


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Oct 4, 2003
A description of poetry, using the metaphor of an illusive love that cannot be captured, just borrowed for a time. The creativity of this flow was fantastic. You should be quite proud of this well sculptured piece.


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Nov 5, 2003
Houston Texas
I go to school

Very Well Done this peice gave me peace and exceeded my poetic expectations. I loved this one it was beautiful. :terrific:
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