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    Why Can Not I silent This Cry Inside Of Me????

    This cry is there inside of me when I retire in the evening dawn, and it is there inside of me as I rise in the early morn.

    This cry is not as an infant cry, when seeking attention, nor is it an infant cry that should be mention.

    This cry I hear inside of me, it thunder loud causing me to need the comfort of an early morning sea tide.

    The voices of this cry I can not silence in me, are voices I even can see the horror that be.

    I can see my yesteryears momma and poppa, all wreck in pain, shackle like not even an animal should be, with ball and chain.

    Why are we treated so cruel by the evil that abide, those are the voices I hear, questioning me inside.

    I can not silent their voices inside of me, they are to serve as a constant reminder of my job to have them to become free.

    Chattel Slavery is where the voices come inside, it is my momma and poppa warning me of those I must never confide.

    Why can't I silence those voices inside, they will never stop, until I do the things they have prescribed.

    Take me home they cry out to me, we never will be at peace until we are free.

    The cry that I now know from whence it come, silence I desire not the cry to be, not until thy are free, which will verify me to be.

    Why can't I silence the cry that be, it is my enslaved momma and poppa agitating me.

    I can't get these voices out of my head, not until evil is dead.

    Home to Afrika the voices cry with the power of the perfect night, there is where your Divinity hold very tight.

    There the voices will come to be, as calm as the essence that bind, causing me to be at peace, with no thought of Time.

    Be Kind to your self, beloved

    Chief Elder
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    Wow, its as if you peeked inside and captured my soul's battle cries.

    Heart felt song Chief Elder Osiris!