Black Short Stories : A Will Stronger Than My Own

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    Early one Thursday morning, we decided to go to the store. The neighborhood was pretty quiet, there was very little traffic, but my little sister was anxious about going. Before we left I reminded her, sternly "No Candy, okay," she rolled her eyes and chuckled, and exclaiming, "You ain't my momma."
    After this constant milieu of verbal escalation conceded, we walked to the store. Today seemed somewhat stange, yes it was June, but it was extra hot, but yet comfortable. after returning home we rested in momma's bed, mainly because it seemd like the softest bed in the house.
    Later on that morning my dad yelled out for all of us, "Licia, Me'Kal, and Stephan, let's go." We all shot out a "leave me alone" look, but none of us were fool enough to let him see it. So off on our journey with daddy we went.
    Stephan called front, then I ran out, but Me'kal never did. Daddy stated, "Go and get that girl so we can go," I ran back into the house, Me'kal was eating a doughnut that my daddy hadn't finished, I beckoned for her and she then followed me outside. Once outside, my sister began to scream, "I can't see, I'm blind," I told her to quit playing and to get in the car. My sister tried to go down the steps and fell. I then ran to the car and told my father that something was wrong with Me'Kal, he ran up to the porch.
    Once my father reached the point where my sister was, he advised he to get up off the ground, we were all unaware as to what was going to take place next. My sister then stated she couldn't walk and that she loved us all. She begged and pleaded for us to help her. My father and I helped her to her feet and attempted to guide her to the car, she then lost all mobility and fell to the ground and rolled down the hill, keep in mind, my sister was 11 yrs old and weighed approximately 250 lbs.
    My father and I then placed my sister in the car and headed out to the hospital. On the way there my sister again told us how much she loved us and that she would miss us and then began to call out the name of Jesus, she then turned to me as though she regained her sight just for that moment and said "I love you so much big sis."
    The tears welled up in my eyes because I had no knowledge concerning what was about to take place. My sister then told my brother and my father that she really loved them and told my father to tell my mother that she loved her very much.

    Then it happened ....

    She took three deep breaths and then there was nothing.
    Once we reached the emergency room, they wheeled her in, while Chrysler attempted to contact my mother. They wouldn't let us see her, family showed up from everywhere, we just waited and waited. It seemed like an eternity, but my mother finally made it, the doctors then called us back, then they told us, "we did all we could do, she didn't make it" My mother became very faint in my fathers arms ... My father could barely hold my mother due to his grief ... My brother was trying to climb the wall ... And then there was me, I was told to be strong, so I was.
    I told the family. I had one brother in boys school, my father made the call, I had to tell the chaplain what had taken place and our plans for my brother to come home for the funeral. I had a lot to do, I had to be strong, atleast that's what I was told. I remebering thinking for the longest time, I'm only 15 what do these people expect from me ... but I remained strong.
    I wondered how we made it through that first year, I still don't know, but we did. My mother had a nervous break down that lasted for seven years, my father totally ignored me ... My youngest brother involved himself with sports ... My oldest brother (now home) had a girlfriend to occupy his time, so I turned to drinking.
    I was so young, yet going through so much, I didn't know how to handle things the right way. My father would give me money just to make me go away, I would get someone to cop for me, then I would go to the park and get drunk.
    This behavior lasted until the next year, when another traumatic experience happened in my life, I was raped. It was at that moment that I knew I couldn't be strong anymore, but there was a will inside me much stronger than my own. I stayed focussed, I graduated from school, I got married and had two children. I had it made ... Then he asked for a divorce
    I was so confused and so ready to give up once again, but once again I regained some unsolicited strength, and I moved on. Now here it is 16 years later, I'm 31 and I'm 2 semesters away from a college degree. I'm making it, but I didn't get here alone, the will in me that was much stronger than my own was Jesus Christ. He consoled me when noone else would.
    I am so grateful that I didn't take my own life, for in doing so I would have lost out on one of my lifes greatest achievements, which will be, that my children will observe their mother walking across the bridge of success and obaining her college degree as an example for them to persevere, in spite of all the obstacles that may try to block their paths.
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    wow! great story pt.ll please......i want mo !
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    in your atmosphere...
    this is a wonderful story Ms. mocha.B,i loved it
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    Very Nice Story,