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Little Black babies, especially girls, being raised by white folk ... don't even stand a chance ... do they?

Yeah. Some years back it was this women(white) with black children. Two was boys so she really had no problem there. Her baby was a girl and she wore her hair out in a curly afro most of the time because her momma didn't know how to do it. Her momma said to me, I don't know what to do with my babies hair. If it wasn't for my sons girlfriend ocassionally braiding it, it probably would have fell out a long time ago.

But on rare occassions you will find the white momma who can do some black hair. She knows all about the water and grease techniques, and can do a cornrow like she went and got a degree for it.:SuN032: When I run into those women, I can't help but think that somebodies family had disowned them. And some Black family done took them under their wings and showed them the way.

Some Black people have a lot of issues when it comes to their hair. I was one of them as a child. I can remember my momma saying to me, "girl, you got the worst hair in the bunch." While we all had length, my hair was the only hair she would straighten and in a few hours would be going back to it's natural state. LOL...I can see her face right now over there shaking her head looking at my hair. My Sister's hair was more managable for her. She can twist it a certain way and it would stay put. But in the same breath she always admired my full head of hair. She could style it in ways she couldn do the others. Ironic, isn't it.

Today my hair is natural, no perm, no weaves, no special effects. I'm just loving it the way it is. I can see my Sisters checking it out and thinking their big Sister done lost her mind. :lol: I just smile at them. It's funny too, cause I can sense a little envy. But not like the back biting envy, more like and honor to have a big Sister like me. :em0100:

Destee said:
lol @ tuff'n up the scalp ... hahahaha ... :lol:

You know Sister Purple ... when i was permed, the wind would blow my hair, and once out of the wind, the hair would (relatively) lay flat and neat again. Not so with a fro! :lol: Shoot ... if the wind moves this stuff (and it's gotta be a strong wind) ... it's staying right where it got blow'd to ... :lol: ... hahahahaha ... oh gosh! :eeek:



I haven't worn an afro since I was a kid, but I know what you're talking about. My hair would do the same thing. But if I used some dax hair grease, ....gurrrrrrl.... the only thing blowing in the wind is some split ends and some paper bags, cans and maybe a few



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