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Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings Family,

I've never seen a weave demo, until now.

I'm not familiar with them at all, never had one, never seen one (in person).

So i'm rather curious (a bit fascinated even) about them, since they are so popular with Sisters.

In case you've never seen one ... here you go ...

A Weave Demo


PurpleMoons said:

I've never seen a weave done like that. She put the glue directly on her hair?
I've seen where they cornrow your natural hair in a circle around your head. Then put something like a stocking cap over the braids. After that, the sew the hair onto the braids.

That was interesting. It did turn out nice though.


Yes Sister Purple, i thought it turned out nice too, and it didn't seem painful like the video i just added (sewing it in).

There seems to be quite a few different techniques that can be used to achieve results.

Yeah ... they put the glue right on the hair, in the other videos too, but i guess there are other options.


Woah! The Sister In the last video had alot of damage done. Not everyone's hair can hold up to such harsh treatment. Some Sisters hair already be a nice length too. They say the weave has a more fuller look, and they get to experiment with different cuts and styles without cutting their own hair.

My Baby Sister has nice length. She doesn't do weaves though. But her hair folicles is really weak. One little yank on it and she has a huges bald spot. My hair on the other hand is very strong, thick, and coarse. You could probably hang me up by my hair and I'll be suspended in air for hours. lol

My other two Sisters weave their hair all the time. I've noticed that if they are trying to cut the threads out themselves, they break off alot of hair. But if another does it they hardly have any hair loss. They both have a nice length of hair too.

I've had my hair weaved a few times before, but like I said, it's thick, strong, and coarse. Pratically no damage at all. Besides I really couldn't get use to it. It would itch so bad that sometimes I wanted to rip it out from the root of my hair.

Sisters, if you're going to put your hair through such, examine your hair texture as well as the possible effects of the styles.



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