Black People : A Wasteful Use Of The Internet By Black Folks

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Way Black Afrikans Use The Internet Is A Sign Of Having Mental Illness!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

I Know That The Divine Truth Is So Difficult To Accept By Black Afrikan People, We Being With The Presence And Use Of A Profane Mind That Is Well Conditioned In Accepting Lies and acts Of Deception To Represent Truth And Reality.

So, Without Such Quality Of Truth And Reality being accepted by Black Afrikan People, the Black World Remain Steeped In Self Ignorance using Ignorance As A Sheild Of Excuse For behaving as we do today, we act to be an enemy against The Universal Spirit Of The Greater Good-God, Which Is Freedom.

So, I Choose To Share The Divine Truth With Black Afrikan People, Regardless Whether It Is Accepted By Black Afrikans or Not, That Way I Destroy The Curtain Of Bliss Known To Give To The Idoit An Excuse For Being Ignorant, Not So Today, The Divine Truth Has Come To Be In The Presence Of Black Afrikans Today, So Ignorance Among Black Afrikans Is A Choice Today!!!

So Consider This Divine Truth I Share With You Now!!!.

There is something that is truly and really wrong with Black Afrikan people, we have contracted a virus of mental illness that is affecting the brain compartment that has a normal healthy mind to Think for the purpose to get to know with innerstanding all that is happening to and around Black Afrikan people.

The internet serve as a valuable tool that all ethnic Groups who feel and know that Freedom, Justice, and Independent is not flowing freely to themselves and is being intentionally kept from having them to live with parity with the life living of those in power over the social, economic and political opportunity available to other specific ethnic groups that make up the same society and all who is present but do not experience the same quality of Justice others received that is privileged to the rule of law all members of the same social experience, which is not the same quality of justice that certain other ethnic group experience.

Those Ethnics Group who experience disparity of the justice supposed to be served out the same to every member of that same society and they know such is not true in their living experience, those ethnic groups who feel mistreated they get busy in organizing themselves so to change the injustice being done to them and they make revolutionary use of the internet in a revolutionary way that will have those ethnic groups communicating, meeting and organizing themselves for the purpose to attack the injustice in such a way of using direct action to change the disparity of justice being handed out to certain ethnic groups in compared to others who make up the same society.

But oh no, not Black Afrikan people, we use the internet not for use to call each other together, not for the purpose to organize ourselves, not for creating a dynamic togetherness for the purpose to demonstrate unity in our action against a common disease that is affecting Black Afrikan people and that disease is Racism, Unjust Prejudice, enforced dependency, no Freedom, No Justice, No Independence as we Black Afrikans use the internet not to achieve Justice but only for Gossip, inflation of selfish ego, making fun of each other hardship, pretend to be more successful than other Black Folks, every way that reveals the Joker we Black Afrikans have mastered the behavior we show that verifies Black Afrikans live with a poverty of seriousness about our Black behind and we take our oppression to be a badge of honor as we create among Black Afrikans our own Class System using the internet to do so, not to organize ourselves to rally against the injustice we live with every day, as we show no anger against those who provide injustice against Black Afrikan people.

Yes, Yes Black Folks, we refuse to accept the mantel of Divinity that our Ancient Divine Cosmic Universal Black Ancestors passed to their children and that fail acceptance reveals just how much we disrespect those Godly Ancestors who knew the value of self-respect and that quality of respect will always have you in defense of your Black self against those who would prevent the Universal gift from being enjoyed by Black Afrikan people, which is Freedom, and where there is no freedom, there is no Justice and Independence, and Black Afrikans live today without Justice and Independence, beloved.

Divine Respect


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