Black Christians : A Vision in the Night Sky

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    A Vision in the Night Sky

    One night a couple of years ago in the year 2004, I was awakened in my deep sleep to a vision and, every now and then when I think back on this vision, my mind always goes back farther to another time in my life. Whenever I think about this vision, I’m always thinking about carnivals and a special time when I met three little girls. Even though these little Carnival Girls had no obvious connection to my vision, I still associate my vision to this experience. It was a happenstance meeting but after that time, my passion to become a teacher only magnified. Years later I did become a teacher and although governmental pitfalls that have been designed to corrupt and thwart the Black/African mind has become depressing, still my experience at a predominantly all Black/African school became like a beacon in the night for me.

    Back in the fall of 1994 one day, I saw what I thought was three little boys come from behind their trailer as I was walking outside and I noticed that they were looking at me. Their parent had just pulled into the trailer park and I later found out that they had only come to stay for a little while due to the fall Carnival that had just opened up not too far away from the trailer park. Later that day, I told my husband about them and he said, “they’re not boys. They’re girls.”

    In surprise, I said, “All of them? Are you sure?” And he said,

    “Yeah. They cut their hair short so they don’t have to deal with it. They’re all girls.”

    A little later on that day, I noticed that they still kept looking at me and following me. They each had a wide-eyed look of apprehension on their faces and I wondered. And too, my heart melted. Finally, a woman came up to me and told me that the girl’s father and she had come to town for a couple of days to manage their booth at the fall carnival and she asked me if I could keep the girls during work hours for a couple of days!? I wondered why in the world would she ask me when I’m just about the only black person in this park!? But soon, I went back to give my answer and afterwards, the woman leaped for joy and immediately opened their trailer to show me the clothes. After she explained some details, she handed me the key and was gone. I was left standing there with the little girls still looking at me and, when I then told them that I would take them to the carnival, they all immediately expressed total disdain. They absolutely did not want to go to the carnival at all and begged to go to my trailer. When we were all inside, I sat down and looked at them and still, they all seemed distressed but within minutes, they unfolded.

    They all seemed to be about school age but, the two older girls were very worried about the littlest one. They immediately told me that she had been disciplined and they were worried that she was hurt. So, I took her hand and sat her down on my lap and prayed a silent prayer for her. I inspected her and afterwards, I said nothing. I just let her sit there quietly and I rubbed her back. Gradually, she laid her head down on my chest and then I put my arms around her and just gave her a big hug. Within only about fifteen minutes in my trailer, she sat back up and looked at me and asked me; “Can I call you my mommy?” --

    The two older girls just stood there quietly, still looking on. I threw my head back. I thought to myself, “never say ‘no’ in this kind of situation but say something positive”. So, I told her that she could think of me as the next best thing to a mother. I said to her to think of me as an aunt. Then she laid her head back in my chest and I just hugged her again. Then the older girls began to relax. They answered my questions about the law in the case of their being temporarily absent from school and etc. But, from that moment until the end, that little girl clung to me ‘like a ball and a chain’. She wouldn’t leave my side. And by the end of the week, they all three showed me their unique personalities. They each had their moments of temper tantrums and moments where they just needed a hug. Laughingly, it put me back to when I was young and I had my share of temper tantrums. I remembered how calm my father was no matter how I bawled. I couldn’t figure out why I was throwing such a fit even in the midst of it and all I did was exhaust myself and then I just stopped and went on as usual. My father was so calm, I never riled him up no matter how I tried. They needed to have those temper tantrums. They needed that opportunity. Sweet little girls.

    The youngest one looked just like her father and I realized from her right away that they were probably Native Americans. She had light sandy colored hair and a tan complexion. The oldest one had thick, wavy and really dark hair, almost black, white skin and very blue eyes and, the middle child, I called her, ‘the Judah of the bunch’. She had a strong spirit. She was the peacemaker. She had dark eyes and blonde hair. When she smiled, she smiled big but when she was upset, she definitely spoke up with confidence. She was amazing. I knew they needed routine so I immediately began my life’s routine and the middle child just loved to follow me around helping me do chores. She took over the stroller from my oldest son and because they were the same age, she even helped him with being finicky about eating certain foods. She became the momma to my little baby son and she was very protective. In the grocery store, she was on her tiptoes pushing the cart and all I could barely see was her eyes just over the handle bar but, she was the handler. She was right by my side during laundry and she stayed there until all the clothes were folded and put away. She helped me sweep the floor, beat the rugs and prepare meals. And I could see that she needed attention and confirmation from men. She liked to be around my husband. When I took them to my church, she asked me at the end of service could she go up and shake the pastors hand. De ja vu. The very first night when they were supposed to go back to their trailer, they all begged me could they stay with me. They all got in their night gowns, got in bed, pulled the covers up and pretended to be sleep when their parents came for them. When their father and his girl friend came into my trailer, they just looked at them and laughed. They were both surprised and happy that I agreed to let them stay with me continually for the whole week. And close to the weeks end, they all decided that they did, in fact, want to go to the carnival.

    The oldest child initially expressed the most sadness about having to be at the carnival while her father had to work. She said all that she could do was just sit in the booth all day from morning till night. I realized that she was in a stage where she needed something different than her sisters and she seemed pint up; frustrated. She loved to occupy her time just listening to her recorder-radio continually. So, I bought some pretty Play Jewelry and a colorful Play Do kit and set it out on the table. She was delighted and, it was she who found pleasure in manipulating the Play Do. She would drift away in an imaginary world and created all kinds of things with the Play Do. She found so much satisfaction when I praised her skills, I would save them and later show them to my friends and they likewise praised her works. And then one day, out of the clear blue, she just blew! She wanted to do something and when I told her that she could not, she started screaming and demanding. I thought to myself, “Wow! What a personality change we have here!” But then, I just let her go for it. I ignored her. My husband looked over my shoulder and told me that she was staring at me. He said she was testing me. I glanced over my shoulder and caught her blue eyes looking at me as she ducked back behind the wall. Then, I turned around and continued talking with my husband as if she was not even there. Soon, she stopped suddenly and went back to playing, as if she never even had a fit[!]. The littlest one did the same thing. Out of the clear blue when she was dressing for church, she just started throwing a total fit. We three watched her as she just stood there bawling away. I asked the two of them what was wrong, and they both shrugged their shoulders and said, “nothing”. So, I just I urged them to go on and play in my make up kit and in the mirror as they were doing and within minutes, the little girl just suddenly stopped crying and she went about dressing as if nothing had ever happened. Go figure. But by the last night, they all became very sober. They middle child went back to her ’mother mode’ and began to ask me a lot of questions. I realized they were trying to deal with their anxieties. For their sake, I remained calm and talked of hope and a higher power. Their last day, they were all sad but also, they were very happy because of the attention they were getting from their father.

    He was a tall man, with a tan complexion and long sandy brown hair. He liked being around my husband. He wore a Native ring and was actually, French Canadian. I could tell that he was stressed about those little girls and he seemed to be on a quest to get them a mother. By the end of the week, he seemed to be renewed. They both were refreshed. And they both thanked me for giving them the opportunity to be together without having to deal with the girls for a change. When I had earlier taken the girls to the carnival, the father even took his youngest daughter on a ride with him. Before the girls left that day, they went walking about with their father and eventually, they came running into my trailer and they all blurted out to me; “My father said that she can’t beat us anymore. . . !” --Oh no! I thought to myself; they are getting ready to get me in trouble! Oh well. Whatever. --They were aching to say goodbye to my husband, so I called him on his job and he spoke to each of them and bid them farewell. I went to their trailer and stood by their father’s girlfriend until they were ready to leave and, I gave the Play Do to the oldest child. At one point while the girls were inside doing their usual loud play, the girlfriend stood beside me and pulled on her cigarette and then she shouted to the girls; “And God sees you too!”. -- Oh! I grabbed my face! I knew she meant that for me. But she seemed okay and then, she turned towards me and gave me a hug. I gave them a last goodbye and then I left because I couldn’t bare to see them pull off. And so, after all of those years, I still think about that experience in my life. Even though I’ve been to several carnivals and amusement parks, my mind reflects back to that time when I kept three little Carnival Girls for a brief period and I still wonder if there is some kind of connection.

    I was awakened out of a deep sleep to a strange vision while still in my sleep. My spirit was traveling in the night sky, in the wide broad darkness of the night and suddenly there was this brilliant light; big, huge, beams of light, bright colorful beams of light moving with intense speed on a huge circuit. It was a tunnel of light, bands of bright green, yellow, blue and red light, shooting through space, moving much quicker than a second, moving through the night sky on a curve. It looked like Carnival lights to me; Neon lights. My spirit was moved closer and closer to the light and then I was inside of this tunnel but only for a short period. Then again, there was darkness but towards one corner of the night sky, there was a little light to light the deep purple-blue night sky. Suddenly and briefly, I felt a horror of not knowing but feeling this vastness, an openness of dark space, nothingness. Still though, my spirit was being moved, seemingly, closer and closer to something and yes!-- I began to see something! I was moved closer and closer to something; I saw things, black things, shiny black things, blacker than the darkness lit by the night sky. They were cars, black cars with silvery trimmings, a whole sea of black cars. There were rows, upon rows upon rows of black cars. There were columns upon columns upon columns of black cars. -- It was like being in a big, huge parking lot and there were so many that its rows and columns met with the horizon in the twilight. My spirit moved close to one car and I reached out to touch one. But from a distance, just as I reached out, intense fire shot out from the back of one of the cars and it made a terrible sound, a guttural, revving sound. I drew back. Then I tried it again. I was a distance from the car but even so, when I just reached out towards it, never touching, the car made a terrible sound and fire briefly shot out of the back of it from two ports. My spirit began to be moved away from the cars again over the top and I was made to see and understand that the length and breadth of ‘the sea of cars’ was the length of the great city. It was 3000 miles in length but also 3000 miles in width, black cars in rows and columns. And that is the sum of my vision in the night sky. Chariots of fire guarded by bright, colorful beams of light, somewhere... I do believe that this world is in trouble. This world is in a heap of trouble:

    And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there
    appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both
    asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.

    And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel,
    and the horsemen thereof. And he saw him no more: and he took hold of his
    own clothes, and rent them in two pieces. [2 KINGS 2:11-12]

    And it shall come afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and
    your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream
    dreams, your young men shall see visions:

    And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour
    out my spirit.
    [JOEL 2:28-20]​