Black People : A View Of The Black Man From A Black Woman Perspective

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    02-03-2006, 10:23 PM
    BY Goddess IsIs Akkebala

    Hoteph Beloved Ones:

    Beloved Ones, It Is Time for the Black Man to hear what a Truly Afrikan Womb Gender think of the Afrikan Man, without European habits, but with the free Mind of a Divine goddess, the Feminine gender that know the meaning and reason for the dual genders, in term of the Divine Law that guide the two in knowing what we call Woman and Man relationship and how such a relationship is to reveal the True nature of the Feminine gender to the Masculine gender, a relationship that be in action without the vices of Male Ego and woman Jealousy.

    Let me fist say to you my Beloved Ones, it is by no accident that the entity referred to as woman, is that which possess the mitochondria Gene, the God Gene that give her the power to produce and with a body more complex than her counter part, all designed by the actuality of an intelligent Energy we call God.

    Beloved Ones, it take an uninhibited Afrikan goddess Mind, to really be able to see with appreciation her other part of her, the one we call Man, the Divine Man that is not burden with the inhibition of Male superiority, Ego, Jealousy, with an urge to be dominant over the Woman, which is his strength.

    Beloved Ones, to understand what I Am about to reveal to you from a Feminine point of view, which is guided by the woman Divine knowledge of her male counter part, I must tell you that we the victims of Euro-Arab/Jewish indoctrination concerning the relationship between woman and man, as so required between the Woman and Man, such is information that has been converted to be taught to you by a lower Being, calling themselves Human.

    Beloved Ones, within the Mind of a Human Being, there is nothing that is sacred which require harmony, order and Balance, the only thing that is sacred to the Human Mind is the opposites of those Divine principals, which be, Disharmony, disorder, and contradiction and based upon those principals, the action of un-natural acts is what be sacred to the Human Mind, with evil being its caveat.

    The Afrikan woman know exactly what her role is with the other part of her being, commonly referred to as Man, the Afrikan woman is the Holy Grail of he two Genders and from such a grail flow the serene power that cause attraction of her other part (man) to her, knowing all the while that Man is in need of her guidance and affection, the magnetic force field that connect the two genders together.

    Within the level of the body senses the Afrikan Feminine Gender, release an odor that cause the Man to flirt with her outer self, with intent of bringing the two forces together in Harmony, Order and well Balance and with such a connection, the two become as One and is capable of solving any and all problems that may confront them, as well as reproduce themselves, because it be the Divine Law that guide them and not ego, jealousy nor material substance.

    The True Afrikan woman view her other part of herself with pride and with the utmost of respect because she know that the role now meant for the so call Afrikan Man to act out, is that of duty and respect for the other part of himself and there is no need for competitiveness between the two, because the two of them serve to be the weight that balance the scale of honor and respect, which flow one to the other.

    The View of the True Afrikan woman of the Afrikan Man, is that of he that is mighty in physical strength, skillful in battle and humble before his goddess, because a True Man without those habits of the European culture, the Afrikan Man is one that is fearless when in the presence of the Queen goddess because he knows that is where his strength is generated from, she being the Holy Grail of the God Energy.

    The Afrikan woman know that the Afrikan man is what complete the yoke of Divinity and such a yoke must be equal in action of duty and honor, there is none like the Afrikan Man to be compared with and his Achilles heel is masculine ego, practiced against the Afrikan woman, when in fact, between the two, there should be the bond of Justice, which be the bridge over which walk Love and Respect, flowing from one to the other.

    So Beloved Ones, do not allow the European/Arab/Jewish Culture conspiracy to succeed against the Culture of the Afrikan Divine Beings, a culture that take its guidance from the Natural order of the Universal Nature of all Things, a culture of action that is rooted in Harmony, Order and Balance.

    The Afrikan Man is the Pillars upon which the Afrikan Woman rest and nothing or no one shall be able to separate the two from the Knowledge of God, a God that present the goddess and gods as a scale to be Balance with Truth, Reality, and Justice, without a flaw.

    There is none upon this Earth to be compared with the knowledge of the divine Man and such a Man, know out of whom did he appear, obeying the gravity of such a magnetic field that flow from the Holy Grail, the Feminine Gender of the God Energy.

    Afrikan man, rise and recognize whom you be and demand your place back in the grace of the Sun, you are my life and Joy, my bridge over trouble waters, my balance on the Scale of godliness, you are the king of my Life and the result of my Soul, to you do I bow, as I wait for you to return Mother Afrika back to me.:SuN030:

    Afrika is still paradise in spite of her conditions.:SuN030:

    Here is loving Afrika.:SuN030:

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