Black Poetry : A View From A Far

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    blisters on my temple the latent swan emerges cancelling its fig
    as a man I thought I was in engrossed wandering through a yankee smile
    pee dripped under the sink sorry to give you time to think
    driven by a donkey loose in fixtures so that you can deliver
    masquerade in a tulip zone firm to the end let me explain
    caught up in reality getting squeezed below the knees
    grab for the shining surplus in such a dream...,

    in view of my poetry got to stay cool in such company
    fancy in timeless plight in view towards blight,
    rehearsed to a second Nova drive in the interpass
    stop drinking soda the current closes through a mercury wire

    a chance at a refreshing rant
    drop the kids safely at home
    deliver the goods that endless fire
    blown up in the most purest desire

    A view from a far...
    on lady's spent torn reality the screen is clean
    a brother with an afro teaches you places to go bust up the beat to promote its timeless tempo
    seek truth with all of your heart the mere medicine of the soul,
    longing every discovering places to go,
    a clown in a circus our nations finest
    consider the dream that holds men back
    headed back from the memory as far as I could see...

    A view from a far...
    Trump the neighborhood hunk
    Nancy Pelosi 78 never skips a beat
    the trade to enhance a noon day smile
    mixed with silver stand still & deliver
    haunted by the memory as far as building on my legacy
    teacher, teacher, Obama is speaker getting 100, 000 from every event he speaks
    turned below out of control it pays to lay hold of king,

    a poet watches while waiting in its agrovating
    smile turns into laughter prepared for the great here after
    lone said I to hear the fawn of a hush lulabye,
    a leader can be a bronzed follower,
    Dig deeper and richly share to facilitate another...
    some people have to go through actual hell before they enter heaven,
    captivated by a New York smile filtered in the while days are confused view sorrow eye
    my words are deep my soul is pure we weed through water that travels through,
    ivy storm of a brisk inhabitant bringing a swift cabinet...,

    A view from a far in times that breath selected from every known captivity,
    it is customary to hold the seat up never to sit on anyones pee start thinking of me
    as a child we sit in the buster seat stand grim and complete,
    still the prisons are filling up just don't drop the soap,
    a Chinese visitor took a crap on the urinel faces in the window storms in the night
    these are barren lands just aim to talk with the Uncle Sam
    everybody has a price another chance at which to roll the dice
    pocket beasts and remedy come and sit next to me you look so very funny
    aiming at the sky to please we often go deep
    Deeper then ever before you touch bae at the neighborhood store
    where wood and sought after chemicals blend makes me shaped as a brand new man

    Mister Rogers Neighborhood nothing fun as being in the hood you anser good
    pealed back the curtain on such a new days blind kissing my fat behind,
    together forever we embrace the arts then draw bridges to delegate forgiveness
    can I get a witness as busy as a visit come assist with us,
    sought out barricade fleshly squeezed lemonade