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May 11, 2006
Crave for awhile got a brave style
rap to chicks
get them trapped quick
hormones flying in the wind
on cell phone lying when
necessary its a very thin
line between love and hate
in the club he's great like cornflakes
talks to Tony the Tiger born to take
bowl home, my choice facts collide
with a horseback ride
and get blazing saddles
and be in amazing battles
“NAW PLAYER I wasn't intend
for the wind to blow up my dress
now a boy may have do-nut and breasts
things get stress and wild
have to sit and rest awhile
the greatest passion
leads to latest fashion
oh a red bone girl go through
a lot in Virginia Beach its true
it begin home they love my skin tone
and body when we was alone
a boy ask for some an extreme beg
to get between my legs
come with renown deep quotes
that'll roll down steep slopes
so I'm skiing while seeing snow
“OK boo look there be pride around
right here in this seaside town
called VIRGINIA BEACH need
to leave your boyfriend feed
me chicken and be my girlfriend
we can make the world spin
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