Black Poetry : A unique and know it but like a greek poet I produce

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    A unique and know it but like a greek poet I produce

    Juice with the help of Zeus being weak no excuse

    Inferior to chase odds I’m from a superior race of gods

    Expensive to be sensitive toward art, look through tripods

    To locate dames use love talk flow great with my brains

    Can’t escape the flames of success so my words tames

    Had a blind start with fine arts had to deal with ascinine

    Farts which is not a divine part of HIPHOP by design

    Learned greater and like movie Terminator a machine

    Age on a clean page of search and destroy and be mean

    Look in America with romances dealing with character

    And circumstances kisses and smooching set up barriers

    See a girl lips gleaming like humidity with meaning and

    Validity steaming in a city of love so I’m scheming with plan

    Trying to be her man I bet her boyfriend throws her on the bed

    The girl is a fine potion just mind and emotion on line misled

    Notions got me dreaming, so here I am at Auto Zone with

    A broad tone of voice odering spark plugs wanna strong gift

    Which is a smart hug we could be in the dark after the club

    Wonder do she have a boyfriend? None of my affair just love

    Lots of fun in the air, but being rejected is freaky affected

    Deeply but no fly reason not to try this season a hot July protected

    By the sun, now have to use wet strategy and at the same time

    Get a battery from the Auto Zone one thing is true this dame is fine

    Experience wild hype I use a certain style and type of rap

    Get support extreme like sport teams out to win a game perhaps

    No school or college equal a legal fool with no knowledge yall

    Write wise vapor on a certain size paper this how I ball

    Yall surprise how I taper verse for microphones, strong and clever

    Known forever ready to write a long letter to a girl an endeavor

    Of love written message text for sex get wet and so complexed

    And vexed ready to start a love and buy a spark plug here next

    “Look boo your body facts strong ready to act on that coochee

    Juice correct and will produce an efect in bed the lips so juicy

    We here in the Auto Zone and I like what you got on just hoochee

    All day, I’ll parade on my knees through a barricade of trees wear

    Bling dope and swing on ropes like Tarzan in a caravan and care

    For elephants, girl you do like me and like Spike Lee you’re jungle

    Fever I may have to rumble with Queen Lativah just to stay humble

    Because I’m Living Single and ready to mingle will not fumble

    With a hot bundle of kisses, girl in my bizaare car I use Havoline

    But ready to grab a queen get some sex and really make you scream

    Get cake extreme, body hot like a large fire wanna use barbed wire

    To fence me out make no sense to pout doe, the route is slow I desire

    Your body for real boo your curves amaze there’s no word or phase

    To explain, what’s your name?” “Jane” “so me Tarzan you Jane praise

    This sex jungle, wanna have you squealing like a mouse doing

    Sexual dealings in the house and feeling aroused while screwing

    On a blind pace your house is a fine place to live if you just happen

    To be horny, rapping and not even corny shaking my head snapping

    Out of this, from a jolly hood feel like Hollywood so folks mistake

    Me to be a star but no joke I want your cake in my car so girl take

    Off your panties we can do this you on my true list and that’s great”

    “Naw player let me speak and say I have to keep away I’m a dame

    Not dumb but must refraim from sex, a Virgin like Mcdonna flame

    Blood surging like Rhianna and you probably wanna put your name

    On it but if you want it dog gone it best put a ring on it like Beyonce’

    And Kanye we like to party yeah yeah you want me to be your fiancé

    Put my love on top rather we in the club or not wanna bone tonight

    Walk steady and talk ready you wanna stalk my sweaty thing right

    My coochee has strong juice but can’t put it to the wrong use with

    Facts I’m convinced in an inexact sense that you want me to lift

    Panties and spread my thighs so you can put your head in my pies

    While the juice fly on sheets no excuse a guy go skeet skeet tell lies

    In a girl’s ear and make the world appear so wet down there and tries

    To cum and get some trust me even an actress think this is unjust

    Practice boys jest cum to anoint and touch it at some point so trust

    Me player don’t want lullabys or butterflies to try suck my flower

    Must duck the power of love talk, boys really rap hard I cower

    And stay home, it’s parts of a kiss make my heart miss a beat

    Boys call it swell cake and my breasts are bell-shaped and sweet

    With milk drips even silk rips when having sex I’m grabbing the kotex

    Sex dominate as it accommodate facts and statististics with acts vexed

    And ballistic if I open my thighs you’ll kiss it so I keep them close

    And you still peep those while you cum rapping them freak flows

    trying to get a little bit you wanna fiddle wit my emotions got my

    Heart throbbing quick and like Robin Thicke going crazy and try

    Get some Sex Therapy, odd scruple trouble could quadruple no lie

    I’m easy going it would be sleazy throwing me in the bed body fry

    Go crazy on it for real, player you rap invincible need to adapt

    Principles to suit circumstances I’m cute and you want chances ASAP

    Have a frequent event a thunder alert up under my skirt and it arouse

    Boys like house toys a high degree of activity out limits to Mickey Mouse

    The best cartoon couldn’t start to bloom in my room, perfume and a tune

    On the CD, Player I remember I was living divine at a given time and

    Place at Harris Teeter wearing fine lace on a blind pace with no plan

    Wow like a calculating machine stuff add up evaluating my queen

    Moves and keen attitude, lots of hidden words and written verbs steams

    In love talk, his plate’s a winner he got steak tender plus cake for dinner

    I played the fool he stayed in school with the love talk wanna enter

    My bedroom, wanna cruise under my skirt but I choose to be alert

    Wanna grab his middle stick and have a little picnic I can only flirt

    Here at Harris Teeter listening to Mary J Bliz-zay blister a song, many

    Girls are in love with Mister Wrong when Driz-zay Drake break plenty

    Of it down any girl would look around wow a twister can hit your home

    Dating Mister Wrong really need to see Mary J Bliz-zay and microphone

    Driz-zay Drake my cake is at risk after just one phat kiss has blown

    Some girl’s mind as boys hurl ascinine tongue down her throat

    Equipped for shopping and my Hips are hopping caught one boy’s

    Eye he wanna toy and try get some so I strut off as he’e ready to enjoy

    A kiss or something he was sprung galore and among more than two

    Things he was wearing true bling he said “wait boo you so true

    I’m feeling fine and you appealing to the mind you stealing my divine

    Character right here in America, boo wear all type of bling my mind

    Like wings it hung in the sky while I’m sprung and fly girl I need

    Some pie quick and the punch line it’s not even lunchtime feed

    Me love boo you here in Harris Teeter getting sweeter by the minute

    Got mix feeling that you can fix with sexual healing I’m in it

    To win it” “yeah rude but your flow felt and at some altitude

    Snow melts my body hot like asphalt but not my fault it’s a mood

    For sex, I think you have a fast plan to play in my brass band but

    Without a task or plan you fall short of music can’ t use it your luck

    Fails try duck males that be flowing to my head about going to bed

    Mad forces forever add my resources together I’m on courses to spread

    Love and I just might head for the club but boys really be trying hard

    Possess skills chest fill with breasts that spill milk no holds barred

    My body fry a lot but you wanna supply the **** while my perm

    Bizaare and bold you wanna burn my charcoal that’s a whack joke

    Kaboom as black smoke fill the room all the sexual facts just broke

    The headboards, I told him wimps galore attempt to score but time

    Run out in their game this is fun no doubt to a dame set your mind

    Back, oh player he jest grabbed my waist wanted to taste my lips

    Right here in Harris Teeter, proud walking and loud talking flips

    Pages my hips amazes don’t abuse my library try amuse like Mariah

    Carey, because boys be looking hard, oh player my body on fiyah

    I was so not gonna do this but he wanna a kiss real bad I couldn’t

    Escape because he wanted pudding and cake so he jest wouldn’t

    Let go I’m wet so my body is hot a lot, my pride talk even on

    Sidewalks boys caught trying to steal a kiss and I feel this strong”

    “Boo you got brisk hips” he jest kissed my lips right there in Harris Teeter

    Oh my panties became sticky quickly and clinging well and sweeter

    Started singing like Adele ready to set fire to the rain his desire and

    Aim is to get me in bed so he can do stuff this gonna require a plan

    Oh it’s real this could be my worse day if this was my first essay would

    Have much to say started to wreck my concerns wanted to reject his good

    Terms but I was hot down there folks around everywhere both hot

    And didn’t care but I’m aware of his goal my body roast wouldn’t stop

    Oh player he jest got my tongue right is front of those finger licking

    Things they call chicken wings jest needed the hot sauce I’m picking

    Feathers now like Michael Jordan I believe I can fly because the pretty

    Little wings of love is right here in Harris Teeter the real nitty gritty

    Had a lame thirst but which came first the chicken or the egg? witty

    Told me my stunts were cute right in front of the fruits wanted romance

    With a chance to reach for my juicy peach” naw boo” ready to advance

    With the love talk, I wanted to shop for rices my emotions like stock

    Prices they surged higher his words on fiyah oh gosh like ham hocks

    Delicious and suspicious

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    upping for real