Black Poetry : A Trump & Hillary Poem

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    By Andre Austin

    Trump, Trump, Trump

    Trump, Trump Trump

    And the people say his hands is bigger than his stump

    Electorate in speaking,

    He whipped the pants suits off Lady H (again)

    And I must say even kicked her in her Class-C rump

    While the Don zips his Zipper with a pretended bulge of a plumb

    Stay there not too long or get accused of a self-date

    The Electoral University & the Popularity contest is needed for a mandate

    All of her chocolate votes would have came out like a Mack-Ten tanker Toy

    And there were many tears for their mistreatment of Billy’s twin (i.e Danney-Boy)

    You should have given him a chest full of gold

    And he would have been sold

    He wouldn’t gotten on the mic and told

    The Clinton secret of how your hearts were cold

    I voted for the C-Club

    But the blonde Stump reduced it down to a nub

    The F-Bee and the eye Class Act of Hatching 650 thousands Hoover’s Eggs

    Then Wikileaks did their number with the pages they spread their legs

    Down goes Hillary, down goes Hillary, you were qualified and you were the Best

    But got taken out by a man who lets squirrels crack nuts on his head of his hair,

    That’s called a rat’s Nest

    His stern commanding brow, the hair he shook

    He even used Nixon’s line in reverse on you saying she’s a crook

    So where do we go from here?

    Because he teased you with “Crooked Hillary” and it stuck

    Now Obama’s up in there just being a lame Duck

    We rise like a phoenix in the ashes of the flame

    Next time fight for your constituency and not make it a mark of shame

    Along with Danney boy you avoided like a game

    He just wanted a part of your million dollar Estate and adopt your name

    Because the media Polls don’t fight the fight

    Get down with your base who has the keys, the power and the might.

    Even though the glass crystal ceiling has not shattered its dike

    We all can drink from the millions of Clinton inc. accumulated as we like

    But I dare not enter Chappaqua’s Plantation or else my heads on a Spike

    And be swimming with the fishes and eaten out by the Catfish and the Pike

    Au revoir, my dear purple Bill

    Au revoir, my purple mademoiselle Queen Hillary