Black Jokes Humor : A True Story

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    Where the Niger meets the Nile
    Many many moons ago I had a boyfriend who wanted to lose weight so he went to a dentist and got his jaws wired so he could only eat liquids.

    I had an apartment down the street from my grandparents. One day we were driving up the street when my grandfathers friend came out and saw us.. She ran in and told my grandfather whose name was Tiippy that we were outside and Tippy invited us in to eat. Tippy liked to cook big pots of greens and chitlins and stufff. But my boyfriend was too embarrassed to go in because his jaws were wired.

    Tippy got on the phone with my mom "It wouldnta taken them five minutes to come in and yadayada yada "

    He got the wires removed and one day he came to visit me. Went down to get something out of his car and saw Tippy on his way to the store. Tried to explain that he couldn't come in to eat because his jaws were wired. He told me Tippy said "Man, I don't care if your @$$ was wired."

    He walked Tippy down to the store and bought him a sic pack. They were friends ever since.