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Oct 21, 2005
Errybody had one in their hood during their youth,

Remember the man askin' for change, or the hillbilly wit one toof,

We used to be glad when momma said: "Wanna go to the store?"

If she sent you you food stamps:D , now you ain't wanna go no more,

Mamma sent you to the store for cubed sugar and a loaf of bread,

Trying to sneak that under yo shirt, so you can buy that fake Barbie instead,

Them corner stores look all shabby and run down,

But make the best deli sammiches on yo' side of town,

they have the funniest names one could ever imagine,

'Quicker Liquor', 'Penny Pincher', 'Stop and Grab', had ya laughin,

Remember the guy who was constantly chased away,

for claiming he was Jesus :angel1: made you wanna get down and pray,

buying Lemonheads, Boston Baked Beans, candy cig's the whole nine,

puttin foil on your teeth, so they can bling and shine,

Flossin on the other little girls cuz you had nice barrettes in yo hair,

rollin ya neck,

bad as #eck,

You was sooooo cool for even being seen there,

at that corner sto'

:dance1: :yo: :spin:
I remember dem dayz
at the corner sto maze
wit dem food stamps

to buy me some stage planks
and a slo pok a few nut chews
before i was through
milk , bread and a doz of eggs
a lil meal so moma can make
dat cornbread
always down at da corner sto
call molly deli , i mean the best
corn beef sammiches on da westside
big slice pickle on rye bread
ummmmm ummmmmm!
even bought my first bike this sto had
how i remember back den...............
yes, I feel ya $$RICH$$, ever traveled back home to see them no longer standing? Brings tears to the eyes. huh? Sad. One corner store that I ventured to as a youngin was called "Food Corner". LOL... the .03 Bazooka Joe bubble gums! I know you remember those 10 for $1 ice cream sandwiches that weren't meant for individual sale. Ahhh the memories;)
oh yeah them boozka joe comics inside and them 25 cent pops
15 cent chips and popcorn how about them black cows and them
coconut long boys this sto had every thang a laun-dry-mate in the back
i washed with food stamps i sho nuff miss them joints the pull strings and poppers

it feel good to revisit through time in my mind thank u for taking me back


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