Black Jokes Humor : a trip to disney

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    a grandma is taking they grand daughter to disney world. they get on the plane, and granny is tell her about the safety precutions. the flight begins. and granny telly her took look out the window.

    in due time, the pilot says- " we got some turbulence and we need to drop some luggage"

    just as quick as the turbulence stops, soon after it start back up

    so the pilot gets back on the mic announcing- ' we dont have any more luggage to drop off the plane (which was the only way to get the turbulence to stop) so we r goin to have to drop people. so we r going to start at the top of the alfabet"

    a- african amercians
    b- blacks
    c- coloured
    d- dark skinned

    and so the grand daughter said to her granny- " hey granny aint we african americans "

    granny replied- " shhhhhhhhh... shut up chile, we gonna be nigggas today."