Black Poetry : A Trip Inside My Mind During My First Time...


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Apr 16, 2003
...down south...
College Student, Bookstore Clerk
i'm soooo nervous right now
my lips are tremblin'
what's my identity.....?
baby please...
don't stop this feelin'
so many thoughts
so many images
in my mind are swirlin'
your touchin' me with such assertiveness
it doesn't even start to fade away this nervousness

i don't want you to stop
i just don't know how i should react
i really wish i could tell you how i'm feelin' right now
i try over and over to force the words
****...why won't they com out?
i've got everything i wanna say inside my mind
so why am i speechless at this time?

no baby...
i DO want you to stay
i know my actions don't make it seem that way
you can keep doin' that
see i told you that i love your assertiveness

i'm so So SO nervous
what you're doin' has got me past elated
i gotta take deep breaths and talk this all in with peace ness
i surrender to your every touch
oh my...
and to think i used to say you were a bit too much
if only you knew what i was thinkin' right now...
some way...
some how...

but anyway...
your finished?
oops...i'm soooooo sorry
i wasn't really concentratin' that first time
how about we start all over again?


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
indeed getting in da motion
feeling da notion to do it again
dis tyme relax in
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