Black Poetry : A Tragic Love Story

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    May 11, 2001
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    Atlanta, GA
    Don't let the sad eyes fool ya

    thi's ain't no tragic love story

    girl meets boy

    girl loves boy

    boy leaves girl


    Lived too long and loved to hard

    To let the loss of that no good man

    Break my heart

    I can do this alone

    Got my babies

    Got my gubement check

    I gots everything I need

    To survive

    Don't need no man

    Up in me, under me

    All under foot

    No strong arms to hold me at night.......

    I got's me

    And me's all I need

    Or so I thought

    Truth be told

    I never thought I'd see the day

    No man 'd get the best of me

    My momma taught me better than that

    She taught me to be strong, to work hard

    To raise my children with respect

    But it seems

    She may have left out a few things

    Like love between a man and a woman

    the feeling of good loving

    From a strong black man

    That knows how to cherish all my warm places


    well never you mind

    don't let the tears fool ya

    thi's ain't no tragic love story

    Natasha {C} 2000
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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    you do need a man to hold in the night
    you do need a man to love you just right
    you do need a man to keep you warm
    you do need a man to protect you from harm
    you say you had a man, but he walked out on you
    he was just a boy, cause that's not what men do
    if he neglected and treated you bad
    then he was really sad
    maybe a man biologically
    but a boy in reality
    you never had a man

    until now........