Black Poetry : A Touch Of The Late Prince

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
Let's Jam It's Christmas Time ! ( Touch Of Prince)

surrender to the feeling discovered Lord have mercy we are going crazy

the streets are filled at Christmas time so stand in line everything is quite fine

got presents under the tree the thoughts of the mistletoe with Cherry wine

who do you think you are right now do you think your in control are you crazy

the young junkie sipping on his Black label forty out back in the alley as a cat

surf and turf for are latest cuisine living in a land so very mean keep it clean

long ago let the truth be told bust up the beat to increase its tempo

squeeze it easy I'm still getting dizzy but I'm busy as a bee

I look at the world and i know this is turning every mistake we must sure to be learning

the world is turning the fire is burning what are you yearning to achieve

blast from the past but no one gets by on any free pass at a glance

sugar is sweet to taste make no mistake better quicken with haste

there are battle lines being drawn in the sand you all understand

can't keep kicking it to the man with the plan everyones thinking

dismiss this earthly bliss with a time well spent in thought

in who do you trust in a world in such a rush here comes the push

no one can play the guitar like the late great Prince he was supernatural

captivated with his style cause we knew all the great while

so come with s join the chorus of love from a hand up above

get a hold of your funky store everybody come on the floor get on the beat & scream

everybody clap your hands now don't let anybody tell you that you can't make it

we are moving on up to the East side show the world we have no fear

first keep telling me that you ain't no good but i never loved a woman they way that I love you...

turn off your cell phone can't you see i want to get you satisfied

talk about doing nothing physical just want you to do things that you would always find

open door get me truth give me opportunity better books

everybody jump up and down there's a brand new grove coming around

its the hour of power America have you heard got a new dance called the bird

what would Christmas be like without a touch of Prince ?
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