Black Short Stories : "A THUGS WIFE"

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    ....The clock read 4:45 a.m. Kenya rolled over to an empty spot where her husband usually lays. She sighed and thought to herself:"the life of a hustlas wife",it caused her to be alone often. Kenya learned to deal with it,it came with the territory. She had everything she could ever want. She laid in bed and thought back to when it all started:

    June 28,1999:
    When she walked into the party Davis Thompsons' jaw dropped. He signaled for his childhood friend Jay.
    "What up D?
    "A yo,who is that?" Davis asked rubbing his goatee.
    "***** you know who that is! Thats Kenya Jones from the p.j.'s with us."
    "**** man,she don' filled out!"
    "Yeah I know"
    "So what's her story?"
    "****, she clean man." Jay said laughing
    "What that mean?" Davis looked puzzled
    "Lets just say she ain't no virgin,but she ain't been passed around like most of these blockheads." Jay continued.
    "She got her head on straight man. In school and majoring in music."
    "She ain't playing!"
    "Naw she ain't" Jay replied walking off.
    Davis wondered if Kenya would even remember him. After their seventh grade year Davis caught a couple of charges that put him away. When he went down south he was five seven and one hundred and thirty five pounds. Now he looked totally different. Davis was six feet,two hundred and forty five pounds,tatooes on every part of his body and his hair was dredded up. But when he looked at Kenya,man she had changed too! About five seven and thick just like he liked'em. Cornrows a sandy brown that fell to the small of her back. Her smile could light up the darkest room and dimples that would send you to heaven. When he snapped back into reality he noticed Kenya was watching him. It looked as if she was saying something. The music was blasting throughout the house. Finally he read her thick full lips,they said:"meet me out back".
    Davis didn't stop to think,he followed suit. When he reached the patio he saw Kenya sitting on the swing.
    "Have a seat." She spoke softly
    Davis sat down inhaling her soft exotic perfume.
    "How you been Dee Babe?"
    Kenya was the only one that could call him that back in the day.
    "Thought you forgot about me." He said looking into her eyes.
    "I just hated seeing you behind bars. I mean we were so close. And then you left me,one day thirteen years old and my bestfriend leaves. I couldn't handle that we were bestfriends!" She began to get misty eyed. She wiped her eyes just in time. Her friend yelled her name;
    "Ken-ya, you ready?" The girl screamed half drunk.
    "Tell her I'll take you home" Davis whispered in her ear.
    Kenya didn't even think twice.
    "I'm cool, I have a ride. Call me tomorrow."
    The girl finished her drink and headed for her car.

    Present:5:22 a.m.
    "Hello my love."
    "Hey baby, how's it goin?"
    Davis still talked to his wife the same as when they started their future together. She gave him something he needed the most in life;a reason to live.
    "I'm just laying here missing you" Kenya said sweetly.
    Just the thought of her lying in bed had his whole body tingling.
    "How was your day?" Kenya asked breaking his thoughts.
    "It was cool. I'll be home tomorrow morning."
    "Well love,get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow."
    "Hey Kenya?"
    "Would you die for me?"
    "Yes" Kenya answered automatically.
    "Would you die for me?"
    Davis answered back.
    "Ova and ova again."
    "Good night"
    "Good night my love."

    June 28,1999:Davis's car
    ...."So where do you live now?" Davis asked trying to make conversation.
    Kenya chuckled.
    "What's so funny?"
    "Why don't you just ask what you wanna know."
    "And what's that?"
    "If I have a man."
    "Do you?"
    "Maybe I do,maybe I don't" she said smirking.
    Davis just smiled,it was good to be able to smile again. All those years of being confined,takes its toll on a boy. Ecspecially when that bot has to become a man the way he did. Fighting,scratching and surviving in a world of muderers,rapists,skin heads and serial killers.
    "Huh. Yeah what's up?"
    "Where were you?"
    "Just dazed off"
    Kenya finished giving him directions to her house. When they arrived she turned to Davis.
    "Thank you"
    "No problem"
    Just when she started to step out,blue and red lights flashed. Davis froze dead in hs tracks.
    "What's wrong?" Kenya asked
    "I'm dirty"
    "Where is it?"
    "What?" Davis asked puzzled
    "I said where is it?"
    "My pocket"
    Kenya reached easily into his pocket and pulled out the ounce of weed. Slowly she slid it between her legs. The police officertapped on the window. Davis rolled it down.The officer checked his I.D. and went on about his business.
    "Wanna come in?"
    "Thanks, I'm too shook to drive" Davis replied.
    When they walked into Kenya's house,the feeling of coziness hit you.
    "Nice place"
    "Thank you"
    She had candles and incense smelling of sandalwood,coolwater and lavender.
    "Have a seat,cut on the t.v. I'm gonna go change"
    Kenya came back down looking good enough to eat. And all she had on was a wifebeater,boxer shorts and a bandana. She tossed something to him quick,it was his weed.
    "Man you saved the day!"
    "It was nothing"
    "Maybe nothing to you"
    She smiled.
    "You smoke?" Davis asked Kenya unwrapping the green.
    "So you can roll?"
    "Of course"
    "Third drawer in the kitchen"
    They sat back,smoked a whole quarter and talked about the days before.
    "I never wanted you as a friend."
    "Excuse me!" Kenya said offended.
    "I wanted you in so many other way. I just settled for your friendship."
    He could see in her cheeks she was embarassed.
    "Foreal Ken-Ken"
    That was his nickname for her.
    "That's the weed talking"
    He grabbed her arm.
    "No,its not. Its me Davis"
    "What do you want Davis?"
    "Because you're not ready"
    "Ready for what?"
    "A relationship"
    "Who are you now,Miss Cleo?"
    "I'm serious!"
    Davis sighed.
    "Okay, give me one chance,one date."
    Kenya couldn't say no,it was something about him that turned her on.
    "One date,one night,one chance"
    He looked her in her eyes;
    "Thats all I need."

    TO BE CONTINUED.................
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    awesome story i like can't wait for the next pt.